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  1. For those of you with Spotify I have put together a playlist of some of the talented artists I have recorded for over the past few years featuring my contribution on bass. http://steveamadeo.uk/steveonbass As an alternative you can listen on Soundcloud http://steveamadeo.uk/bassplayer Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi All, Please check out some of the work I've done on my Soundcloud page. http://steveamadeo.uk/bassplayer I play and record for various artists and offer a remote-recording service too. Hope you like what you hear. Cheers! Steve
  3. I love teaching via SKYPE! lessons available NOW! Get in touch to discuss your playing and ambitions.
  4. [quote name='bassintheface' timestamp='1475354229' post='3145380'] My view on steve - Great guy, makes a mean cup of tea, excellent bass player, great guy, makes a mean cup of tea, excellent teacher, lovely dog,great gear, makes a mean cup of tea. Get in touch with him. Seriously, he's a good guy and an excellent teacher. [/quote] Cheers Jamie, I didn't see this until now but I appreciate the kind words. Fancy a cuppa? I make a mean cup of Earl grey Steve
  5. As Jamie said, he let me use his rig on a few gigs with his band recently and the cabinets are exactly as he has described. I own the same speakers although mine are the 'Boss Tweed' version. I love the black and silver styling of Jamie's cabs and they simply sound amazing, very full, warm and punchy for such small speakers. Both these speakers are in fantastic condition. Although not as lightweight as the SL cabs, they are still easy enough to move around using their side-mounted handles. I love the way they look when stacked together on stage... vintage yet modern in both looks and sound. Steve
  6. Steve Amadeo

    Feedback for KingPrawn

    Just bought and received a hard case for a Pedaltrain Junior. The item was in as-new condition and Sean was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Sean! Steve
  7. [quote name='M-Bass-M' timestamp='1406896942' post='2515711'] For anybody looking for lessons, I'd happily recommend Steve....... [/quote] Thanks very much for the kind words Mark. I hope things are well with you! All the best, Steve
  8. Here's a video of me playing on a recent gig with Aynsley Lister. [media]http://youtu.be/oTQbqMEma2A[/media]
  9. Steve Amadeo

    FS: Malekko B:assmaster fuzz

    Hi Dan, Where are you based? Steve
  10. [quote name='haysy' timestamp='1379455415' post='2213012'] Thanks for helping point the way forward in my first lesson today Steve. Really appreciated your perspective and the way you focused in on the little things that help to build a solid foundation as a springboard to greater things. Recommend you to anyone in the area who's having trouble to book a slot with you. See you next week! Chris [/quote] Thanks Chris, sorry I only just saw this... I need to check my notification settings obviously! Looking forward to future lessons. All the best, Steve
  11. Steve Amadeo

    any one in Liverpool ? tutition

    Thank you for the recommendations sweet folk. You can contact me via basschat, of course, or for more information see my website www.steveamadeo.com Thanks!
  12. Steve Amadeo

    Marketplace Subscriptions

    Hi chaps, I don't think people should think too little of the 96% of people who have never donated money to the site. To be fair, I think many people would simply believe, if they even give it any thought at all, that the site was adequately funded by other means as most forums possibly are. The 'donation' option has been a user's free choice and clearly most people have chosen to use the site for free, myself included. Subscription to the site as a way of contributing and therefore helping to keep the site alive is a sensible option and I hope you get a good response that really makes a difference to you chaps who run it. As someone who has not only sold a lot of gear via the site but has also had bass students who have come to me for lessons having seen my teaching post on the forum, a £20 annual fee seems more than fair. Good luck chaps! All the best, Steve
  13. Steve Amadeo

    OC-2 for sale! SOLD

    PM sent!