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  1. Feedback for Scrumpymike

    Just bought an amp from Mike. Amp was exactly as described and came every well packaged. Pleasure dealing with him and would gladly do so again.
  2. Gig bag for Status S2

    Hi all, Getting a bit tired of carrying my hard case around to rehearsals and gigs so looking to get a gig bag. I have a status graphite S2 headless and want a gig bag that will suit. I've checked with status but they're currently out of stock. Any suggestions?
  3. Are Guitars sexier than Basses?

    In general I would say a bass just looks better, guitars can be too flashy sometimes. Although saying that, there is something extreme,y satisfying about the look of a telecaster which just cannot be scaled up to bass dimensions.
  4. Double-ball end strings

    Fitted the status 30-90s on last week and they are good quality strings. Great sound and very easy to play on. I think I have been converted.
  5. Feedback for Wal4string

    Bought an S2 classic from Ron, received it 2 days within first contact. Very honest about all aspects of the bass, even sent videos of entire body. Gladly deal with him again in the future. Dan
  6. Feedback for wal4string

    Bought an S2 classic from wal4string and received it in 2 days of first contact. All questions were answered as quickly as possible, with videos of every part of the bass being sent. Bass kept in perfect condition as is like new, he was honest about every detail. Extremely quick shipping and is keeping in contact with any questions I may have. Pleasure to deal with and would gladly buy from wal4string again.
  7. Double-ball end strings

    I was looking at the Rotosound DB's because I used normal Rotosounds currently but wasn't sure if they would be as good. Trying the Status ones first to see how I get on.
  8. Double-ball end strings

    Very helpful, thanks. Think I will order a few sets now.
  9. Double-ball end strings

    Thanks BassBus, i'll give it a look. Have you used the Status strings? Are they good?
  10. Hi ho, Just recently purchased a Status S2 headless on BassChat and I need some help locating strings. It takes double-ball end strings (will take normal strings but want to try out the doubles). Does anyone know of a shop in London that stocks them? I know I can get them online but always nice to be able to go into a shop and pick them up straight away. Thanks
  11. **** Status S2 Classic **** Now SOLD ****

    It's on it's way!! Cannot wait to lay my hands on this bass! wal4string is great to deal with, answered all of my questions and supplied me with plenty of info about the bass. Very quick to ship also. Would gladly deal with him again.
  12. Flying with instruments - my guide

    Flying out to Ireland in a few weeks and this exactly the advice I needed to hear.