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  1. FT / FS this PB made by RebelRelic Guitars in the Netherlands. It's CS or Bravewood level. https://www.rebelrelic.com/ For the body, it's Red Alder and Canadian maple neck. It has been upgraded with a KTS titanium bridge and Gotoh ResOLite mechs. It is also equipped with a Fender Pure Vintage 63 pickup but I provide the original pickup. The handle is super comfortable, straight, very low action possible. It is not very heavy, 4.1 kg and very well balanced. Trade value: 1630 £
  2. Hello For TRADE OR SELL this great 2015 Nash jb 63 with Lollar Pickups. It comes with gator hard case. 4,2 kg Great condition. Trade with 4 strings bass. Price : 1500 £ incl shipping.
  3. For sale or for trade this Classic Sabre in great conditions. Like new. Weight:4.3 kg Trade with 4 strings bass. Sale with MM hard case. Ask me for shipping.
  4. For or for trade this STINGRAY SR 4 1991; Great sound and condition. The neck is Birdeye. Some scratches and the elec is fine.
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