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  1. Hi Folks, I have an audix D4 that's surplus to.. Mint condition including original box, stand adaptor, baggie and sticker. Great cab mic or let your drummist friend use it for floor tom or kick drum etc. Price is £110 including first class UK postage with tracking. Cheers.
  2. Hi Paul. You're bang on the money there buddy. I'm looking for ideas for better known songs to cover, we have sufficient material to cover the Blues side of things. Love the Darryl's House version of that song Bud, it's epic !! I very much appreciate all the links and suggestions folks so many thanks.
  3. Jeez Louise type bump. Last drop £380 plus shipping, collect from Preston or arrange your own courier....I have plenty packaging. I'm also happy to meet up within reason. Cabs' a minter folks.
  4. Hi Andrew, I was in pretty much the same boat as you a couple of years ago. I started a groove based Blues Band that basically because of the personnel and their not being able to play the genre with the correct feel turned into a Blues Rock Band. It was a very frustrating period for me musically, so much so that in the end I quit the band. They've gone on to be quite busy doing what they do and the best of luck to 'em, I've no regrets. I've since found and become good friends with an excellent keys player, perfect in every way for the genre, the guy has taste, feel and a bloody good ear. Luckily I also know an excellent singer. The three of us have spent the last 18 months on and off trying to find the right drummer and guitarist and all being well, those two guys surfaced yesterday. I'd say stick with the keys player and find others that suit the style of music you want to play. When it finally comes together the result is soooo worth it. Good Luck mate in whatever you choose to do. Pete.
  5. Hi Buddy, We're a five piece, vox, guit, drums, bass and keys. Thankfully the keys player in this band is nothing short of fantastic, a stark contrast to the guy in the function band I play in, that's another story !! I won't be aiming the band at the function circuit but if that type of gig came along then sure, we'd do it. There's a relatively decent Blues Circuit round the North West but we'll need to cater for the Dog and Duck crowd as well......within reason.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, some good stuff in there !! It's very much appreciated. Truth is, we have a full set list plus some spare if we we're to play a Blues Night or Blues Club whatever, my concern is that for your normal run of the mill pub gig we are a bit lacking in more "popular" stuff that would fit the style. geoffbyrne, agreed mate, I would be joining you if god forbid we played the first bar.
  7. Hey Folks, After a long time and a lot of searching I've managed to find a good drummer and guitarist to put round a very good quality Female vocalist I've been friends with for a good while. We've had a working list of 20 or so tunes for ages but finding the right musicians has been a real struggle, hopefully after today we've finally found the right guys where we can get something motoring ahead. The style of the Band is very Funky / Groove based Blues, think Susan Tedeschi, Reba Russell, Shamekia Copeland kind of stuff but I'm thinking we'll also need some better known covers to throw in for the pub circuit. We're not looking for the kind of "Sex on Fire" kind of better known material, more something that would fit with the style of the band or that we can change up to suit. No Classic Rock please guys but any suggestions for material to look at would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. [quote name='Raslee' timestamp='1425849069' post='2711488'] Our new band, The Bluespots' in rehearsal....Take 4 [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNLWf_ClXBA&feature=youtu.be"]http://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be[/url] [/quote] Well done guys, that's working a treat. As for my rehearsal last night. Well the keyboard player turned up, hadn't looked at any of the five new songs....at all. We don't rehearse as a band that often but in the three years I've been in this band he's not turned up to a single rehearsal having done his homework and prepared. Suffice it to say we spent the entire night sorting out his parts.
  9. The Berg AE's are the best Neo loaded cabs I've had the pleasure of owning, imo they don't lack for anything at all. I've also tried a bunch of Class D amps and every one of them has gone. I thought I'd give the Ashdown ABM500 a try, it was cheap and I thought what the hell, nothing to loose. To me it's a perfect match up. great tone for the stuff i'm playing, heft for days and headroom. The next head I buy will have power tubes in it for sure.
  10. Bugger !! I was winning the CSL but someone sniped it with six seconds to. Fair Play I guess.
  11. Cheers, Just the right size or my AE210's if stacked horizontally, would also look nice atop my Laney 810. Could I ask about the tone, is it mid focused , ie nasally or for want of a better expression "Creamy" ?? Colour me sorely tempted btw. Cheers again, Pete.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on the Hot Vintage P Steve. I've always been impressed with Steve's tone when I've seen him play, so as I've been thinking about a pickup change thought what the hell. Great sounding Pickup buddy!! It's transformed my old Cimar PJ.
  13. Hi Buddy, Could you let me have the dimensions for the Head please. Cheers, Pete.
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