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  1. Leftie questions

    As a leftie player I've always found it difficult to gauge how a leftie version might sound and feel from a rightey version. As regards Ibanez Soundgear's, I was always sceptical about them and bought a second hand SR300L to see what they were all about. It was a revelation in weight, playability and tone. I since sold the SR300L and bought a NOS 2014 SR500L and love it. A mahogany body, a super slim tonewood neck, Bartolini's, and a great setup out of the box were all appreciated . I have a new respect for Soundgear's but as a leftie player, sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and take the plunge and realise you will never have the in store choice available that right handed players have.
  2. Trace Elliot elf

    Very interesting review, thanks for sharing. The pics are good and show how much is crammed into such a small unit. I'm guessing the mini fan is attached to the(removed) top plate as nothing looks like a fan inside the unit? I'm interested in the super small form factor of the ELF for a go anywhere amplifier however I have a total aversion to cooling fan noise/hum at low volume which you mention is audible in the ELF. This would be no use to me for home noodling in the front room which for me would be an ideal use case for an ELF. I have a GP7 SM-150 (also with a quiet fan) so if I need a fix of green I can use that meantime. If the good people at TE can come up with a 500watt ELF without a cooling fan, my cheque book will be ready and waiting
  3. Ashdown CTM30 width

    the skewed camera angle does make it difficult to tell but yep it does look a bit taller. I mentioned a tweedy one of these might go with a tweedy One10 in another thread but not so sure about that now. The bass overhang in the bottom pic is just too much for me...looks like its going to fall off the cab at any minute No dimensions I could find on the Ashdown site so can't help there.
  4. Barefaced has gone Tweedy!

    I can picture one of those Ashdown CTM30 tweed amps with this. Very nice indeed.
  5. Advice on which Musicman

    I don't think you could go wrong with a standard stingray, 2eq or 3eq and used or new. I've never seen a badly built stingray and there's a wide range of finishes to choose from. I've owned two, a vintage sunburst pre-ernieball with rosewood neck and current eb stingray in creme with all white fittings and a really nice satin finish all maple neck. They both had/have that 'stingray' sound. Backing of the mid knob on the 3eq makes for that classic 2eq sound sort of. Bongos sound great but the shape never has been my cup of tea. Sterlings are interesting basses Any standard versions of aforementioned sell well secondhand. Custom or anniversary models will likely have a more select audience to sell to.
  6. Pick a Precision pickguard

    black/black/maple is a classic combo on a P or a J. Tort for me works with sunburst/cream/natural wood finishes,and maple/rosewood or ebony fingerboards
  7. Industrial strength solder?

    I found similar problems re-soldering wiring in fairly modern basses...my 25w iron was taking ages to melt solder. I've also tried several types of lead free solder and not been impressed with the results. Luckily I have a supply of high lead content solder thats probably quite toxic! It really solders up easily and joints don't fracture or crack like some lead free soldering work I've done. I suppose getting a more powerful iron would help, or get your hands on some old school leaded solder.
  8. To Owners of Both J and P Basses

    I've only ever owned one P-bass( in 20 years) and it suited rock/metal/indie/punk/blues and just seemed to fit in with any musical genre. A bit of an all rounder to be honest. I've owned six different jazz basses over the years and only in the past few years have come to appreciate how versatile a Jazz can be. The P-bass was gigged more than all the Jazz basses put together but these days a Jazz in my go-to bass. A usa standard jazz with rounds or my battered old MIM with flats cover any eventuality. For the most part I use the jazz basses for prog rock/prog metal these days.
  9. Lefty Photo Gallery

    Thanks for the history leftyyorky. I looked at quite a few photos of older and newer versions and saw that more recent models had the triangles the 'right' way around but not sure what year that happened. Is it same story with the dot markers on the side of the fingerboard?!
  10. Barefaced Single Two 10 or 2 x One 10's

    I have the 2 x One10's and use them in a similar setup, 3 piece band, noisy guitarist and a loud drummer. They work very well and I have no problem hearing myself or the band hearing me. I also use ear protection. The biggest plus for me having two cabs is the flexibility of being able to take just the one if thats all thats needed. Also, at 8ohms each, they are ideal extension cabs to other ( 8ohm) rigs if you need a bit of extra monitoring. If I remember right, the 2x10 is either 4ohm or 12ohms. If in any doubt I'd drop BF a note.
  11. Marshall jcm800 - hang on to it or sell it?

    These amps don't show up for sale that often and as they are getting on a bit now, value is probably quite condition dependant. The last few I saw for sale on line were advertised between £400-£800. The vertically stacked input knob versions are I believe more saleable. I also have one and use it occasionally. It's a great sounding amp, and also works well with my modern lightweight cabs. I'm hanging on to mine and I suspect there are a good few other players with an old superbass tucked away with no intention of parting with it soon.
  12. Where are the "roadworn" amps and cabs?

    Recently I bought and old EB180 combo that looked very 'road worn'. The black carpet had mould growing on it, unknown species of animal hair, and the previous owners cat had scratched off the carpet entirely on one side. It had genuine mojo through hard use over a long period of time. I paid £30 quid to take it off the owners hands as he perceived the wear as excessive and had trouble selling it on. After a re-cover in new black carpet it was transformed & looked like new. I had no trouble selling it on for £120 within a few days. The point is amps and cabs that look beat up usually have had hard use, been neglected and are less desirable. Relic'd instruments are fashionable these days but I suspect a lot of players prefer well kept and good overall condition amps and cabs and will try and protect them from damage. Good condition usually increases resale value. There are exceptions though, something like a road worn SVT and 810e with no tolex on the back and sides might appeal to some. Also, how something sounds can sway a decision in my experience but if it looks good it generally does help. I can't think why someone would want to spend a lot of money on a deliberately road worn bass cab for their rig at new retail prices. It would be interesting to gauge whether relic'd amps and cabs was more of a guitarist thing than a bassist thing. I feel a poll coming on
  13. Bass amp standing vertically

    I've done the same with and ABM500 on its end ( the case comes with rubber feet on the side as standard) when cabs used were small or narrow and I wanted to avoid bass amp overhang. No gravitational,geometric or electronic ill effects noticed
  14. I just got my hands on an SR375 leftie...if I'd noticed this earlier I'd have given you a shout. Very nice instrument you have and the black hardware really goes with the Natural finish.
  15. Washburn Status S1000 renovation

    Hi Kevham, apologies for the late reply, I've been a bit busy for BC recently. After a bit of tweaking over a few days the neck sort of straightened itself out and the bass settled down. I think you are right, the fretting looks like it has been molested/dressed at some point but with the neck stable it seems to work ok. I set the action and decided to keep a standard 45-105 string set. My client was very happy with the work done. The bridge was a bit fiddly to adjust but I got there in the end. The status in question was a right-handed one in that sort of dark emerald green colour; very fetching. Your lefty one sounds interesting. The downside is I now have some GAS for a Status type bass. As a fellow lefty would be good to see one in the flesh before I get carried away with the chequebook.