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  1. I have just sold a bass to Greg, and am very happy with the transaction. Once a sale was agreed the payment was sent very promptly, and communication throughout was excellent. There was a delay with the delivery due to the recent weather in the UK, however Greg was very understanding and patient throughout this. Buy/sell with confidence.
  2. I used to own one of these, fantastic amp. GLWTS.
  3. Thanks guys, shall try to get some photos posted soon. I haven’t had a chance to properly put it through its paces yet, but I’m very pleased based on first impressions. It has a lovely neck and a nice action, it will need a slight tweak to the set up but I ordered it online so I expected this to be the case. The build quality is fantastic and I absolutely love the finish!!
  4. I'm seriously considering getting a BB734A. They look amazing in black, and I like what I'm reading on here from people who have one.
  5. Thank you Mac. I'm not sure about the weight, but I'll weigh it later and let you know.
  6. Thank you for the kind words people, and thanks for spreading the word kodiakblair.
  7. This is my old amp, it sounds fantastic and is very powerful. Challxyz is a great guy to deal with, buy/trade with confidence. GLWTS.
  8. For sale is my Peavey Cirrus, made in the USA. It's an excellent bass, but as I have too many basses it sadly doesn't get used enough to justify keeping it. It has recently been set up and has a very nice low action. On my bathroom scales the bass weighs in at around 4kg/9lbs. The specs are as follows: 35" scale Neck Through construction Walnut with Bubinga top Pau Ferro fretboard Active preamp 18 Volt Electronics Volume, pickup blend, 3-band active EQ with bass, mid and treble boost/cut VFL active humbucking pickups Original Peavey hard case I have owned this since the mid 2000s, and it has been used for around 5-6 gigs in that time, plus occasional practices. I didn't like the original control knobs (black, plastic ones), so I installed the Gold knobs a few years ago to match the bridge and tuning pegs. There are a few surface scratches, mainly on the back of the bass and which I have tried to show in the photos, but these are nothing major and overall the bass is in great condition. As you can see in the photos the case has some cosmetic wear, with quite a few marks and scratches. A small section of the case also looks like it has been melted in the past (?), it was like this when I purchased it so I have no idea how this happened. This is all cosmetic however and does not affect its functionality in any way, and it is a very sturdy case that protects the bass very well. I found a set of DR Black Beauty strings in the case when I was taking some photos, I can't remember if they were on this bass in the past but I'll include them in the sale anyway. I would prefer pickup in Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire), or I would be happy to deliver or meet up within 20 miles. I'm after a sale at this stage, however I will consider trade options so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this option. Of particular interest would be a Yamaha BB1024x (Black or White), or a Behringer X18/XR18 My Feedback
  9. For trade is my Yamaha BB1025, which I have owned from new. It's in excellent condition, the only marks of note are two scratches to the back which can be seen in the photos. It has recently been set up by Howard Smith in Leicester and plays/sounds fantastic. This is the first 5 sting I've owned, and whilst I have enjoyed having the extra string available, I don't think it's necessary for the kind of music I'm playing at the minute. I love the sound it produces however, so if anyone is interested in a swap for a BB1024x (black or white) please get in touch. I'm based in Leicestershire, please get in touch if you require any further information at all. My Feedback
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I have a Fearful 15/6 and it's a great cab, I'd highly recommend it to anyone thinking about buying one (or two!). These look superb and are a very good price.
  12. Absolute bargain, I used to have the 1000W version, great amp. GLWTS.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Not quite sure if I'm doing the right thing here, but I've decided to sell my Barefaced Big Baby 2 cab (Gen 3). I've owned it from new, it was purchased last November so about a year old. It's a really nice cab which sounds great and is very portable, I just fancy something a bit different though which is the reason for the sale Overall it is in very good condition with just a few minor cosmetic marks - some discolouration marks on the finish and on the speaker grill, plus a small chip on the bottom panel just below the grill. I've tried to show these in the pictures, and I'm sure they could be touched up if required. At this stage I would prefer pickup in Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire), or I would be happy to deliver or meet up within 20 miles. Trade wide I would be potentially interested in Vanderkley or PJB gear. If you have any questions please get in touch. My feedback: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/296913-feedback-for-lloyd1979-uk/page__p__3372012__hl__lloyd1979_uk__fromsearch__1#entry3372012"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry3372012[/url]
  15. [quote name='AndyBass' timestamp='1505454711' post='3371959'] String height: If you're not sure what you want, I suggest string height of 8-10mm for each string at the end of the fingerboard. [/quote] [quote name='The Jaywalker' timestamp='1505465731' post='3372061'] Just to clarify an important point for the OP. String heights increase across the strings from G to E; which takes into account increased string mass and the space needed for vibration. The most "homogenized" setup, if you like, is favoured for Jazz playing by the great NYC luthier David Gage - an increase of 1mm per string, eg 6,7,8,9mm G to E. [/quote] +1 to to each point here (so +2?). When I got my DB it was set-up 7,8,9,10mm (G-E), which has worked nicely for me. [quote name='The Jaywalker' timestamp='1505465731' post='3372061'] In terms of string choice; think about the sounds/bassists you like and let that inform your choice. Silver Slaps are fine - but make that a sonic decision rather than the idea that they're "easier to play than steel strings". If a widely-used low to med tension steel string is too difficult to play, it's not the string that's at fault ;-) These things take time. Remember, there's bassists who are very different in tone and approach who all use spirocores. [/quote] I agree, the sound of the strings has to be a deciding factor, after all there's no point having strings that are easier to play if they don't sound good. I think that the ease of playing action is an important factor as well though. It's all about getting the right balance I guess. I don't think there was anything wrong with the Spirocores, they're good strings and I certainly don't think they were at fault, but nor was I ;-) I just don't think they were right for me, not right now anyway, and I personally prefer both the sound and the feel of the Silver Slaps.
  16. [quote name='kristo' timestamp='1504791089' post='3367341'] I'm looking to get my newly acquired (second-hand) double bass set up with some new strings to try and help with learning the instrument. I'm an absolute beginner and not really sure what would be best. I have found a local guy who sets up double basses and am now trying to decide on what strings would be best for me and how to ask for it to be set up. Currently the strings seem fairly high in tension and the action quite high. I'm hoping to play blues, bluegrass and jazz pizzicato, and would appreciate any advice on a good starting string/setup for this. I've done a bit of searching on here and Innovation Silver Slaps have caught my eye. They seem like a good string for my style, but I'm not sure if they are good for a low action. Is a low action even a good idea??? I would appreciate any guidance from experienced players. Cheers. [/quote] I've got Silver Slaps on my double bass and love them. I bought my first DB a couple of years ago and it came with Spirocore Weichs, which are nice strings but I found them to be a bit too high in tension for my liking (despite being a lower tension option), so I struggled to make any meaningful progress at first. Eventually I decided to try the Silver Slaps, based mainly on the positive reviews I had read here, and am very happy that I did. The lower tension makes them much easier to play (for me anyway), and they sound fantastic, giving me just the kind of sound I'm after. As a result I'm enjoying playing my DB more than I was previously, and feel like my playing is definitely improving much quicker as a result.
  17. Great amp! I've just bought a 250 SMX otherwise I would have snapped this up. GLWTS.
  18. I sold my Orange Terror Bass to Col. It was a very smooth transaction, Col is a very nice guy to deal with and communication was great throughout. As has been said above, deal with confidence.
  19. Hello Challxyz, I'd prefer pickup ideally, but I could potentially box it up if you wanted to arrange a courier? Please PM me if this is of interest. Cheers
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