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  1. Bump.. Let's have some offers. If not may part out. Would consider trades
  2. Bump. Will include shipping. Open to reasonable offers too. This is a great bass and the wiring and pickup upgrades make it a gigging machine
  3. Link about the dub plate http://www.jacksinstrumentservices.com/prewired-jazz-bass-plate.html
  4. [attachment=231391:IMG_5429.jpg][attachment=231391:IMG_5429.jpg][attachment=231393:IMG_5413.jpg][attachment=231396:IMG_5420.jpg][attachment=231396:IMG_5420.jpg][attachment=231396:IMG_5420.jpg][attachment=231396:IMG_5420.jpg][attachment=231397:IMG_5424.jpg][attachment=231397:IMG_5424.jpg][attachment=231391:IMG_5429.jpg][attachment=231391:IMG_5429.jpg][attachment=231393:IMG_5413.jpg][attachment=231393:IMG_5413.jpg]Up for sale is my Fender/Squier bitsa bass. The bass started life as a Squier James Johnstone Signature bass that I bought brand new from DV247. This was a great stock bass but I couldn't get on with the high gloss finish on the neck. The neck was swapped for a genuine fender Mex neck purchased from Andertons music. The neck is fitted with Wilkinson tuners that are solid and very stable. I have also had the pickups swapped out for Seymour Duncan quarter pounders. The electrics were also changed and I had a "dub-plate" wiring harness fitted tat I purchased from Jacks Instrument Services - This is a great upgrade as it gives a bit of passive boost as the tone control is a pull switch. You can find out about these at [url="http://www.jacksinstrumentservices.com/prewired-jazz-bass-plate.html."]http://www.jacksinst...ass-plate.html.[/url] The neck and tuners were professionally installed and the guitar by a local luthier who does excellent work for many musicians on the essex cover band scene. This bass has been gigged and as you might expect there are one or two minor blemishes to the body. Reason for sale is twofold, I am wanting to have a custom jazz built and need to free up money to help fund this. I also have a squier VM77 jazz that is amazing and has become my go to instrument. Collection preferable from dagenham but I can ship if required in a well packaged guitar box. This is a great bass and the upgrades alone (neck, PUPS and wiring )cost in the region of £380
  5. Hi mate interested in this. PM me I am in east London so could meet
  6. ******SOLD********Squier James Johnston Jazz bass neck for sale. Took this off my Signature squier as I replaced the neck with a genuine Fender one as part of an upgrade project. Great neck with very little use and no fret wear. In great condition with the original tuners and string tree. Willing to post at buyers cost. Will be properly wrapped and protected in the box that my fender neck came in.
  7. Thanks for coming back to me. Not sure as its one of those where I think the looks are maybe taking over from the spec for me. Will have a think. Cheers
  8. I think that parcel force will do it for less than 20 quid. If serious PM me and I can get a firm quote
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