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  1. NSAED: New Synth and Effect Day

    Ah fair enough. They said they had one online, I assumed it would be on display!
  2. NSDP2: New Synth Day Part 2

    What do you think of the 0-Coast? I've been looking at a few of these semi-modular sort of synths, the Mother-32, 0-COast, Plankton Ants! and the Dreadbox Nyx and Erebus.
  3. NSAED: New Synth and Effect Day

    Funnily enough, I'd looked earlier in the week and they said they had the Mother-32 in Bristol, and I was in there Saturday and couldn't find it anywhere, now I know why!
  4. HNC Project

    I thought about some kind of modern/portable Ondes Martenot (I'm strangely fascinated with these instruments), maybe one that you war like a guitar and play. Any thoughts?
  5. HNC Project

    [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1474017859' post='3134912'] A decent bass wah that works at a number of switchable frequencies, with a range of sweeps etc comparable to the best envelope followers including auto and manual at the same time. And with no annoying mechanical/electrical crackles that develop over time! [/quote] That does sound suitably difficult/high level! I'll have a look at that!
  6. HNC Project

    Honestly, I don't mind. In terms of hardware I was thinking things like the b-blender or hipshot d tuner, but obviously I'd have to improve them somehow or make something new. Electrical wise could be pickups or stuff like that. The only thing I don't have any clue about is digital stuff and programming and things.
  7. HNC Project

    Hello, For my engineering apprenticeship HNC I have to do a project where I design and possibly make something and then present it at the end of the year. I was thinking of doing something music related, possibly a synth or effects pedal or something, but I'm not sure it really solves a problem like a lot of other peoples seem to. Are there any ideas people have, or problems they have, I could look into? Could be electrical or more mechanical/hardware related. Just any ideas at this point would be good.
  8. Favourite use of effects in songs

    Yeah Myxomatosis, incredible bass tone there too. And Graham, those Tool ones are freaking cool.
  9. Favourite use of effects in songs

    What's your favourite use of bass effects in existing songs? I could find a huge list of mine, but I think number one for me has to be Colin Greenwoods fuzz bass line in Exit Music. It's only in the last third of so of the song but it's a fantastic, stupidly fuzzy tone.
  10. Something similar to the Diabolik?!

    Let us know what you think of it when it arrives!
  11. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) Sound

    2 year old thread guys
  12. synth pedal for 80s songs

    If you went the Synth route I would second the Novation Bass Station. I love mine, although I'm fairly new to synthesisers so take that with a pinch of salt, to my ears it sounds excellent, and it's easy to use.
  13. Squier bass vi question

    I wasn't far off I guess, but I wanted the squier anyway, I prefer the pickup selectors and the neck, I know they're little things but for the price difference as well... I played the fender today, just to get a feel of it upside down, so I have that comparison too. The fender is good, but for like £400 difference...
  14. Squier bass vi question

    I coulda got the black earlier too, but I really like the white one
  15. Squier bass vi question

    Tried one out today, felt a bit weird but I think I'll get used to it. Took the plunge and ordered one, end of feb it's looking like