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  1. The Orange OBC 4X10 is a phenomenal sounding cab and a perfect match but it's heavy, and awkward to carry due it's shape... Its closer to a cube than most other 410's. On the plus-side it's got terrific low end presence and mid-range punch though. The horn doesn't seem to do much to my ears mind you.
  2. Hi. Have you got a price for just the cab?
  3. One of the biggest bargains on this site.... I'm surprised that it hasn't shifted.
  4. Thanks dood, i'll take a shot.
  5. Hi guys, I'm in need of some new control plate screws for my fender jazz (US 2005) as one has rounded out. I cant find them anywhere online but I wondered whether the screws are the same ones used to attach the scratch plate? I don't have my bass with me so I can't check at the moment. Apologies for what could potentially be a silly question but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  6. Do you know how much it weighs without the flightcase? I'm sorely tempted but lugging my obc4x10 around can be taxing at times.
  7. The photobucket link doesn't seem to work for me.
  8. Great thread. Andydye your rig is as glorious as it is triumphant. This sounds daft but when I crank my ad200 and obc410 at rehearsals it almost feels as though it's difficult to tell where the bass is coming from at times... As if it emanates from the walls.😀 My rig:
  9. This is a cracking price for a superb rig. If it doesn't sell as a whole then I'm potentially interested in the 115.
  10. In no particular order: Les Claypool Jah Wobble Norman Watt Roy Flea Victor Wooten Jaco Pastorius James Jamerson Geezer Butler Carlos Dengler Robbie Shakespeare
  11. Great post...An absolute legend.. As has been said...his baritone vocal and rhythmic consistency set him apart. 😀 I really liked his verses on this little ditty with dj format: https://youtu.be/tPhddAEgkPY
  12. [indent=1]Hi Bob. Is there an amp that hasn't graced your bass stable? I'd love to try one of these.[/indent]
  13. Joe86


    Bargain price for a spectacular pedal. It's an 'almost always on' pedal for me.
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