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  1. Just permanently deleted my Facebook account. It had become pretty much an ads only platform and was of little value to me anymore. So far this feels like a relief.

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    2. carlsim


      That's good to know. Might have to delete mine as well!

    3. bassbiscuits


      I did it a few years ago mind so the process might have changed a little. I was prompted by an article online telling you how to do it.

      It isn’t obvious because FB don’t want you to do it. I was worried my info would be floating round out there forever after but it does seem to have disappeared, based on none of it coming up if you Google me. 

    4. ClassicVibes


      That's the standard for a lot of websites nowadays. They make the account inactive but don't delete it. That way it looks like a higher membership than there is. Got to keep those sponsors happy! 

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