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  1. Thanks for the kind comments about the bass. I'm near Edinburgh for anyone who may want to try it.
  2. [b]Limelight Precision 00125 - Now SOLD[/b] Bought this on here around a year ago. It’s a great sounding bass but has that wide Precision neck and I’m more comfortable with Jazz’s and Gibson’s. [b]Please note: [/b]I’ve (badly!) airbrushed out the “F” name logo on the headstock to preserve the innocent. It was on the bass when I got it. I believe it will come off easily if desired as it appears to have had only a blow of lacquer, if any. If you want to see the non-airbrushed version of the photos, please message me. Very nicely made bass. Seems to be good quality wood, resonant and sustains well, fretwork is excellent. Weighs in at svelte 8Lb 10oz and it balances well on a strap. The original (very, very rusty!) relic barrel saddles were completely seized up when I got and no cure could be found, so replaced them with genuine fender steel saddles and 1 new intonation screw. Decided not to relic them as I think function is better than look when it comes to string height and intonation. Original pickup in it was a “no-name” and a bit anaemic sounding, so changed it to a modern Fender USA, the bass growls nicely now, as it should. Electrics all work with no extraneous noises. Nice taper on the volume and tone controls. Will ship it in the 70’s Japanese case, looks the part and will be fine for shipping and storing the bass, but it's not gig worthy. [b]Looking for £550 shipped in the UK.[/b] Not really looking for trades, but am looking for a Genz Benz extension cab, ideally 1 x 12.
  3. Bought Jim's limelight precision. Great guy to deal with. Delighted with the bass, exactly as he described and set up perfectly. He's a canny salesman though, I also left with his Benz Benz shuttle 12t! Cracking amp, delighted! :-)
  4. Hi Guy, it's Gordon here ... following you around! I've recently taken up the 4 string again. Some recent similar experience which may help you. Acquired myself an old and dead Selmer 100watt PA head which I got working again (did it myself and very gratifying it was too .. only one electric shock!). I had a great looking old WEM Starfire 1 x 18 cab that I decided to convert to a 2 x 10 + 1 x 15, which I did, involving making a new baffle ... grill cloth off the original and onto the new one, etc. Quite a lot of work and not particularly easy ... sonic results ... Meh! It's not terrible, but also not really what I expected ... not enough bottom end. Will probably try porting it now to see if that helps. Bottom line is I would take others advice and get something that is already built!
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