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  1. Hi does anyone have experience with wireless systems in terms of good ones, bad ones, etc or any problems during performances? I am looking to buy one I wouldn't tend to wander too far away from the rig as most venues are not large My rig is a Trace E 500w top, fender 500w 4x10 cab, and a G&L bass Just need some advice please Tom
  2. Bassist / Double Bassist available for depping would consider joining band if regular gigs available For details and contact info please go to my website [url="http://www.custombacking.com/Musician_for_Hire.html"]http://www.custombacking.com/Musician_for_Hire.html[/url] Own gear and transport Ashdown 400 top (red model) Trace Elliott 500 top 4 x 10 Fender Rumble cab 4 ohm 500w KKBaby Bass (Double) G&L & Yamaha Basses Tom 07961999693 [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]
  3. Again thanks all I think I will go for flexibility I intend to use my trace 500w top (keep the ashdown 400w top as a spare) and the 8ohm 1 x 15" 600w cab for my DB gigs (they tend to be small venues) and for the larger venues with my other bass guitars i can buy and add an 8 ohm 2 x 10" 500w cab to the set up and get the full volume and dynamic range plus its the cheapest option too Agree?
  4. Chaps, awesome advise, much appreciated getting the additional matching speaker right concerns me and over the last two months I have tried various combinations I bought a TC Electronic 1 x 15" 250w combo, it just could not handle the weak signal from my passive double bass Played with it new years eve with my other guitars and it just did not have the dynamic range once you got halfway with the volume So swapped it for the Trace However another option is a bigger combo, which I might preffer because I will not have any matching problems and less gear to lug around does anyone have any comments about an Orange Tiny Terror Bass Combo Amplifier TB500C 2 x 12 500Watt Combo??????? it could be the inbetween answer for all my different bands its less than 25kg and at least its got 2 x 12" speakers and at 500w I really don't need any more power with the venues I play But I have no idea how it performs
  5. Hi In North Manchester Area would you ring me please, unless you are already sorted Tom 07961999693
  6. Hi all I have a 600w 8ohm 1 x 15 and a 500w Trace Elliot Head, and a spare Ashdown Mag400 Head I play in 4 complete different bands where I use 3 different basses Just want one cab/amp set up for them all (transport and storage problem) I have a passive KK Baby Double base (not a lot of signal comes out of this so I tend to use a Fishman pre amp/compressor) Got an active Yamaha bass, cheap one but sounds good with the disco band A G&L for the other two bands I am looking for either a 2 x 10 at 8 ohms to use with the 1 x 15, not sure on wattage but presume 500w? or a 2 x 12 at 4ohms 500w cab, to use without the 1 x 15, this one seems hard to locate and at a reasonable price needs to be less than £500 new or second hand Any ideas anyone
  7. Aw brill ta everyone much appreciated
  8. I play in numerous bands, and have a Stagg electric upright 'stick' bass (great for the boogie woogie and blues), a G&L (awesome for rock and covers) and a good cheapie yamaha (for the disco dance stuff). Depending on the size of the venue (usually not big) I use my Peavey 112 twin ported combo or an Ashdown 400w top with an Ashdown 4 x 10 cab, (which is great but big and old) I am looking to replace my amps/cabs with a 'one for all' type, (head & cab) ideally at least 400w, and obviously not too big in size. Was looking at the 'Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 Bass Amp & 210 Cab' around £750. Prefer the 2x10 rather than the 1x15, simply because its got more surface area and projection. I know what you are all going to say, 'keep the 4x10 and top, its got 40" projection' but it weighs a ton and its huge and im old ha ha. Is there anyone out there that has a similar set up and can give me some advice or is there something around smaller and better value for £750. Thomas Lieberman
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