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  1. BUMP. Got married and had forgotten to follow up on this!
  2. Spares, repairs, parts, nice coffee table... My Ashdown 2x10 combo is taking up too much space and I haven't got the money to get it fixed. Apart from the fact it doesn't work, it's in really good nick! Who wants it for cheaps? Great for someone to do up and bring back to life! [b] MAG C210T-300 EVO III Specifications[/b] Power Output (RMS) 300 Watt Power Handling 230 V Speaker Configuration 2 x 10 Speaker Outputs 2 x Jack Sockets Frequency Response -3dB @ 17Hz und 30KHz High Instrument Input impedance 3.9m Ohms, input range 150mV - 20mV p-p Low Instrument Input impedance 10KOhms / Input range 300mV - 40V p-p Line Input Impedance 10K Ohms, Level 0dBu Nominal DI Output 600 Ohm balanced / Level -20dBu nominal Tuner Output Impedance 22k Ohm, level 0dBu nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Output Impedance Minimum 4 Ohm Signal to noise Better than 80dB (EQ flat) EQ Bass +/-15dB @ 100Hz Lo Mid +/-15dB @ 220Hz Middle +/-15dB @ 660Hz Hi Mid +/-15dB @ 1.6kHz Treble +/-15dB @ 7kHz shelving Deep + Effects Send Impedance 22k Ohm, level 0dBu nominal Effects Return Impedance 22k Ohm / Level 0dBu nominal Distortion Less than0.5% THD H x W x D (mm) 581 x 610 x 335 Weight (kg) 35 Thanks for looking. -- Ben
  3. IGNORE PREVIOUS PRICE (wouldn't let me edit)... NOW £70. Striking and stylish five string see-through bass needs a new home. Entry level instrument but nice to play and great for something different. Ideal for anyone looking to try out a five string bass for the first time; anyone after something a little more unique to stand out from the crowd or simply anyone that wants to expand their collection. Heads up! It's pretty heavy. Also, the backplate covering the wiring is missing (I bought it from here and it was missing then too). This has never been an issue for me during ownership. My problem is that I have too much and not enough space, so away it goes. This will get you remembered visually before you blow people away with your chops! Or just enjoy it in your bedroom, so to speak. Thanks for looking. -- Ben
  4. Thank you both. I love this place!
  5. Hi all, A bit overwhelmed and in the dark, I thought I'd come here to get some advice. I'm on the search for a wedding band for next year, but don't want the fees of an agency and would much rather have [i]some[/i] kind of connection with a band rather than just taking a stab in the dark. The problem is, searching through the endless ads, I don't know much about anything to do with booking wedding bands. I'm not sure on what's a good price, can't tell who's overcharging, etc. Short of seeing every band play, I don't really know what to do. The wedding reception is in Surrey, and I'm looking for a something with a rockabilly or '50s twist to songs from that era and modern tracks as well. We want a 'modern' covers band (guitar, drums, vocal), but possibly with a double bass. Just something fun and special for our day. Any advice on any of the above would be very, very much appreciated. Thanks all. -- Ben
  6. Cheers dude. I've traded this now, just waiting on the other bass to be sent to me.
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