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  1. How do the trace Elliot and Gk heads colour the sound? (I'm thinking get electric bass). I imagine the acoustic image is quite clean/flat like the EA heads?
  2. Yeah, maybe I'm thinking though I have my dbass covered, curious as to what would go well for electric only setup
  3. I have 2 EA cabs, use an iamp800 with them but wondering if there is another head that would be well matched for them, or should I stick to all EA gear? I play upright and electric through them.
  4. Its disgusting that touts have managed to buy up loads of tickets and are ALREADY selling them online from £100-220. read this as well [url="http://www.channel4.com/info/press/news/channel-4-dispatches-defeats-injunction-attempt-by-viagogo"]http://www.channel4.com/info/press/n...mpt-by-viagogo[/url]
  5. bought a speak-on lead. promptly posted out. Thanks!
  6. This book is really good, just a totally refreshing approach to playing and studying jazz. I think if you work from this, your improvisations will become more melodic and have more [i]meaning[/i]. Hal shows how the 'play this scale over that chord' approach to improvisation has its limitations - apparent when you look at what the masters [i]actually[/i] play on records. some topics include the importance of chord tone improvisation RHYTHM! how all 12 notes are available at any time how to use substitutions over the original harmony (eg, superimposing triads) Of course, it is still important to know your scales but Hal shows how to practice them so you get maximum benefit from them and you are making music, spelling out the changes in your lines without sounding like a beginner. Highly recommended!
  7. This can only be used with usb powering it, ie I couldn't use it on it's own for a live situation?
  8. [quote name='ewengcameron' timestamp='1387386400' post='2311408'] If anyone needs an item picked up from a collection only seller, I'd recommend Pack & Send. Just won a cab & head on eBay that the seller couldn't package. Pack & Send picked up from his, packed the whole thing properly (2 layers of bubble wrap, 1 layer of bigger bubble wrap, thick cardboard to the exact size). Whole thing cost not a lot more than a standard courier. [/quote] I'd still need a hard case for a bass though for this to work, wouldn't I?
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