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  1. £1299 for the Roadworn at PMT. https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/fender-60th-anniversary-road-worn-60s-jazz-bass-olympic-white
  2. https://guitar.com/news/gear-news/fender-jazz-bass-60th-anniversary/ It looks like there a few more options for the 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass
  3. I've just bought my old bass back. I bought it new in March 1989, but used it to cover an outstanding storage bill at our rehearsal studio about 10 years later. I've always had the option of buying it back, and I finally got around to it today. Needs a clean and some new knobs, but it still feels like my bass.
  4. He still uses it. I took this photo in March last year
  5. I quite like the look of this. PJ setup, stacked pots, sunburst finish, reasonable price... It's ticking quite a few boxes Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass
  6. A new Fender range. "Vintage style for the modern modern era" 60s Jazz 70s Jazz 50s Precision 60s Mustang
  7. Trace Elliot Elf combos https://peavey.com/news/article.cfm/action/view/id/945/cat/1/article.cfm
  8. I like the look of the Duff McKagan Deluxe Precision https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-duff-mckagan-deluxe-precision-bass-rw-black-/923433
  9. Cheers Lozz. The more I think I about it, the more I prefer 3-ply black.
  10. It weighs 8.4lbs.(My Precision Lyte weighs 7.4lbs, my Jazz weighs 9.2lbs)
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I've had a look, and it's going to be 3 ply black or 3 ply pearl deep black. Maybe both.
  12. So, I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours playing this last night. I haven't made any adjustments, just strapped it on, played it, loved it.. The neck is the closest to my Precision Lyte that I've come across, and that was my main reason for wanting one of these basses. The Lyte has been my No1 bass since 1995 and I want to give it a bit of a rest from gigs. This Jag also has a PJ set up and I've found it very easy to get "my" sound with it. No plans for any mods other than fitting some Dunlop straplocks, and most importantly, changing the scratchplate because I really don't like the fake tort one that's on there. Any suggestions?
  13. I was in Central London today, so I decided to have a look in Wunjo as I wanted try a Deluxe Active Jazz. Try, but not buy.... However, this Jaguar caught my eye as soon as I walked in the shop. I'd intended to get one when they were first released, but I kept putting it off, and then they were discontinued. They very rarely seem to turn up used, so when I saw this one at a good price, and with a three year guarantee, I had to buy it. Apologies for the crappy photo. The front seat of a Honda CR-V isn't the best place to photograph a bass, but I've just left the shop. I'll take some more when I get home.
  14. I use an active Precision Lyte and a passive Jazz. One has three knobs, the other has four. Neither is particularly complicated!!! An earlier post referenced Pino as someone who uses a passive bass. Well when I think of Pino, I go back to 1982 and Numan's "I, Assassin" album. I'm pretty sure Pino used his Stingray on that.
  15. Either Fender Deluxe Active Jazz or Deluxe Active Precision Special in Surf Pearl
  16. I was 16 in 1984 and my favourite bands/artists were Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, Big Country, Red Guitars, The Specials.
  17. I usually take a spare bass and have it on a stand by my amp. It's quicker to change a bass than a string or a battery. I've never used public transport to get to a gig, so it just goes in the car/van along with everything else. When I play keys, I usually have two in my set up, so I'll be able to cover if one packs up.... although that's never happened...yet!
  18. [quote name='MoonBassAlpha' timestamp='1468365204' post='3090512'] The band I was in at the time supported you there a couple of times and somewhere else round there too once. Mark Pearson was in the year below me at school, is he still doing the Numanoid thing? Don't know if he would remember me, Julian Moss, from school, very short, long hair,then! Cheers.Jules [/quote] Would that be The Big Boat? Yes, Mark is still with the band.
  19. They are out there. You just need to know where to look. Check out Electro 80s. They're very good Also...I play keyboards in a Gary Numan covers band, and we're approaching our 30th anniversary
  20. White Squier Precision. Bought brand new from the Ealing Music Centre in December 1988. Didn't really get on with it soundwise and traded it in for a Tokai Jazz about 4 months later.
  21. Not a Precision, not a Jazz, not a Mustang, not a Jaguar. Looks a little like the Bass V [url="https://www.thomann.de/pics/bdb/379669/10707928_800.jpg"]https://www.thomann....0707928_800.jpg[/url] [url="https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_gary_jarman_signature_bass.htm"]https://www.thomann....nature_bass.htm[/url]
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