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  1. Haha! yes just to clarify, this bass is not a lefty!
  2. Hi Basschat, I'm selling this awesome USA Fender Precision Elite 4-string bass, as attempting to decrease my bass collection! This bass sounds lush, and is super versatile! Almost 3 years old, but in great condition, only a few tiny minor dings, (pics and videos attached below)
  3. No trades, just looking purely for a sale
  4. Mike Gillett is a great guy, with some fantastic basses!
  5. Hi Basschat, I'm selling this beautiful USA Fender Jazz Elite 4-string bass, as attempting to decrease my bass collection! This bass sounds and plays wonderfully, and the colour looks killer too! Purchased new 2 years ago in Bristol for £1950, she is in mint condition, no dings or scratches! (pics and videos attached below)
  6. not interested in trades at the moment! Thanks!
  7. Haha, yes i would say i'm quite content with my jazzes! always curious about offers though... but i'm trying to downsize my collection so trying not to be tempted! ha!
  8. Cheers. They are Steel Dunlop super brights, gauge 45-110
  9. Thanks for the interest guys, Sale pending..
  10. Yes thats the one, but doesn't show its correct colour, I'm not sure about the neck width, i will dig out a tape measure and get back.
  11. Having a gear clearout, this pedal doesn't get much action anymore as i have been using a B7K which has been my main overdrive pedal for the last year. But is in excellent condition, and also a solid overdrive pedal! https://www.andertons.co.uk/mxr-bass-overdrive-jdm89?LGWCODE=JDM89;56375;6335&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyAQ-kbpJR4bBXvqthSzMTgoDK_crj0y1B-jmSx0LZRDiupbpi2kBzpsaAus9EALw_wcB
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