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  1. Haha, yes i would say i'm quite content with my jazzes! always curious about offers though... but i'm trying to downsize my collection so trying not to be tempted! ha!
  2. Cheers. They are Steel Dunlop super brights, gauge 45-110
  3. Thanks for the interest guys, Sale pending..
  4. Yes thats the one, but doesn't show its correct colour, I'm not sure about the neck width, i will dig out a tape measure and get back.
  5. Having a gear clearout, this pedal doesn't get much action anymore as i have been using a B7K which has been my main overdrive pedal for the last year. But is in excellent condition, and also a solid overdrive pedal! https://www.andertons.co.uk/mxr-bass-overdrive-jdm89?LGWCODE=JDM89;56375;6335&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyAQ-kbpJR4bBXvqthSzMTgoDK_crj0y1B-jmSx0LZRDiupbpi2kBzpsaAus9EALw_wcB
  6. https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Gruv-Gear-Stadium-Bag-Multi-Use-Tech-Cargo-Backpack-Black/1MF1 https://gruvgear.com/products/stadium-bag Great condition heavy duty GruvGear Stadium Bag, perfect for carrying small bass amps, cables, laptop, or generally anything! only thing missing is the little orange shelf dividers, (which i took out because i feel they just get in the way) so its just one huge section when opened, any other questions just ask! Thanks, Bill.
  7. Thanks Danny, funnily enough it was just going through a Stagg 15'' combo bass amp!
  8. Hi Basschat, i'm reluctantly selling this fantastic bass, it has been my main touring bass for the last two years (comes with a few small battle scars) i am currently attempting to strip my bass collection down to only one P-bass and one J-bass. This is a passive 2016 American Standard Precision bass in Sunburst finish, it sounds and plays incredible, pics and videos attached below: Thanks, Bill.
  9. Hi Basschat, having a bit of a clear out this week, my bass collection i feel needs to be downsized since there are a few that aren't getting the love that they deserve! I've had this Ripper bass for just over a year now and has been on tour with me for a few shows, It is in fantastic condition for its age, and comes with the original hardcase and original bridge also. I'm looking for £1100 or nearest offer. Pics and vids attached below (will be uploading a few more photo's later today / tomorrow )
  10. Hi Basschat, I'm selling this lovely Pino Palladino style Limelight P-bass in fiesta red, it has recently been setup, plays and sounds killer, and is also super light! Reason for the sale is that i currently have too many Precisions in my collection and am looking to downsize my collection - photos and videos attached below:
  11. well, its good ear training to work it out without tabs/dots go for it, i believe in you...
  12. Thanks man, actual 'chucking' i have not tried in aaaages, since having to learn ''everybody dance'' a fair few years back
  13. Thanks Cameron, it's a USA Elite Fender Jazz 🙂
  14. Anyone else here using one of these? i've had one for around a year now and its been a great bit of kit for tracking a solid D.I at home and on the move, I'm using logic all the time to create music and have still not yet purchased a bigger interface because this has been so clean!
  15. Hi basschat, i've been using this exercise as a warm-up and warm-down for a long time and thought i would share! let me know how you get on, Bill.
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