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  1. [quote name='shug' post='824137' date='Apr 30 2010, 03:16 PM']Hi There Am interested in the cab. Could travel up from Lancashire to collect. Wouldn't mind meeting at, say , Tebay services. if at all poss. How would that be for you?Let me know. contact details - 01282 441 700 or 07956 446 754 or 01282 778 293 (evenings only). Regards Shug[/quote] Sounds like a plan Shug. Will call on Monday when I have signal to make the arrangements.
  2. Hey mate. Sorry, left my phone at home last night. Got the git-arist to take photos but he hasn't sent them over yet. Should have some up tonight. Edit - details for the cab as follows: 640 Watt Output (RMS) Speaker Configuration 8 X 10" 4 Ohms Impedance Dimensions: 675 x 1265 x 410 Weight: 72kg details for the head: Active/Passive Inputs Gain Control 3 Band Rotary EQ 3 Position Mid Contour Deep Switch Bright Switch Master Volume Tuner Output Tuner Mute Switch DI Pre/Post Switch DI XLR with Earth Lift Switch FX Send & Return Fan Speed Selector Impedance Select Switch 8 X 6550 Output Valve 3 X ECC83 & 1 X ECC82 Pre-Amp Valves Dimensions: 670 x 275 x 325 Weight: 36kg
  3. I shall give it a blast with a guitar at rehearsal tonight. Will be reporting later!
  4. Howdy folks. For sale today I have a lovely Marshall VBA400 and fridge. I've had it since new for some 8 years now. Its been in and out of use for much of that time, I'd say only around 5 years of real playing use. It's been in the wars a little, especially the cab (as you might expect!) so has the usual associated scrapes etc. to the tolex. Mechanically fine, and has been re-valved a few years back. I also have the old valves and will include with the amp for spares etc. One of these is blown, but unfortunately I didn't mark which. Cretin! Has been in a studio for the last year or so and has had very light use there. The cab is fully functioning sound-wise but has severely damaged wheels that would need to be replaced before using it really - unless you have a well-trained drummer to lug it about with you. Will take pictures at rehearsal tomorrow. Also am happy to sell separately to aid a sale, although would rather sell them as a pair for obvious reasons. From looking at the others for sale here I'm thinking around the £650 mark for the head + 7 6550's, £250 for the cab due to its dilapidated state. £800 the pair. Paid around £1600 for this rig (and got a bit of a deal) so bargain central here. As for trades, looking for quite a bit of stuff at the mo. Amps with a valve pre/SS power would be nice, and looking for a decent replacement for a Mesa 4x10 I sold recently. Also in the market for a pretty Jazz and thinking about getting an acoustic bass for jamming - but any trades not involving a cab would need to be +cash, as I'll need to replace the cab for gigging soon. Hope this little tidbit tempts someone... The joys of GAS! *edit for photo* More / high quality photos to come next week - sorry folks, I'm away this weekend. [attachment=48618:Marshall_VBA.jpg]
  5. To the extent of my knowledge, Behringer have NEVER been successfully sued (and I mean successful to the point of ceasing production). They have some seriously sh*t hot lawyers... Mackie were after them for years, before that a stream of other companies. They have ripped off (well, reverse engineered, but its the same thing...) every thing they've ever released (pretty much, unless youre counting for cheap add-ons for an already successful design / product) BUT they do work OK for the money... They are cheap, and not a patch on the original, but OK for they money involved...
  6. The big difference in instrument amplifiers as apposed to hi-fi / pa amplifiers is the gain level required to produce audible output and the nature of the signal being processed. hi-fi and pa systems are most often run with nice, "loud" line level signal, its easy to predict and control its output level, so tolerances can be very tight with regards to getting volume out of a pa speaker. you can run a 1000w (peak) amp into a 500w RMS cabinet with no problems - provided you know what you're doing... an instrument signal is much much "quieter", the gain applied to the signal is much higher, the dynamic range of that signal is massive (in terms of output voltage) and so you need to make sure your cabs can handle anything your amp kicks out - as the tolerance has to be that much higher. At least, from where I'm standing that seems to be the reason. Either that or I'm talking sh*t, and I'm sure someone will point that out!
  7. Hving just bought one this weekend, I can recommen a Gibson Victory Standard or Customer. Great basses, very well made and great tone... Mine cost me £415, but there's one on Ebay US thats going for less than £200. Very thin neck, very fast. The only downside with them could be their weight - its fine for me, but the guy who sold it to me was struggling after an operation or something. Having neverplayed one, just seen them around, I can heartily recommend these basses. If I had any cash or wasn't buying new cabs I'd probably buy this one : [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260187317672&_trksid=p3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DWatching"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=tab%3DWatching[/url]
  8. good to see The Wombats getting some recognition, I promoted them about 2 years or more ago, great band and lovely lads. Shame the music's gone a little pop-tastic from what it used to be, but then you have to pay the bills somehow...
  9. If you want to DI your bass through a proper PA, use a BSS AR-133. Best sounding DI box I've ever used. Seriously! As for muting, you could probably just buy one of those little alu boxes and get the switch from an A/B box, simply wiring the second side of the switch to nothing. Exactly the same effect as a mute switch...
  10. Hmm... I am the aforementioned 'friend' of man_at_arms and I am indeed the proud owner of said VBA400 with its pet 8x10. I used to hire this amp out to bands at the venue I work at (until someone dropped it and forced a re-valving... grrr....!) and every person that used it - and I mean [i]every[/i] person that used it - was mightily impressed. I know what you're saying Telebass about bass amps being a second string for Marshall - they discontinued the padded case for this head before they started shipping it (although a few were made for endorsees and the like... bastards!) however in no way let this give anyone the impression that they aren't serious about this amp. According to a guy I met (guitar tech for Raging Speedhorn, also bass player for Viking Skull - and proud VBA user) because of the relatively small number of these amps that Marshall are shifting, they're pretty much a build-to-order job these days. There are, however, a reasonable number of them floating about - I know the guy from Doves uses them, and the bass player from Moloko to name but two. The reason I got it was because it sounded loads better than an SVT for what I wanted to use it for - screaming distortion... Its not quite as agressive as an SVT (although this could also be the cab...) but if you want absolute sludgy overdrive / synthy fuzz / gentle feedback then it sounds amazing! The one other benefit that this custom build aspect may bring is to the reliability of these beasts as I've had a few problems - mind you I dont have any case for it at all, its stored in "less than ideal" conditions and I tend to drive it like f**k... And yeah, its heavy but its not that much heavier than your MAG combo... considering you can pick these up for around £450 on ebay, they're reasonably priced for what was originally meant to be a serious contender for the SVT2
  11. yeah sounds like a saturated valve head (cleanish) mixed wth some pure filth
  12. For what it's worth, I've very rarely heard a bass sound so fantastic as with ManAtArms (Alex) 's T-Max through those Peavey cabs. A couple of exceptions spring to mind, but as they involve that wallet-sweating word Aguilar I won't mention them. Oh yeah, and sorry for mentioning the amp dude, I know they're both sorely missed.
  13. My general rule with FX loops is this... If it alters gain or tone, stick it before the pre amp, if its playing with the sound (i.e. delay, trem) stick it through the loop. Although them other dudesw is right, there's no better way of finding out than to f*ck about with it for a good couple of hours until you work out what way is best.
  14. Heh, Alex you always was a moron... Brill, now I can abuse you on tinterweb too!
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