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  1. I haven't been on here in a while but if any one wants to see my eBay feedback I can link you to my profile. For sale is a Trace Elliot 715x Combo Bass Amplifier. Hardly used, never gigged, in perfect condition. Comes with footswitch, lead, IEC (power lead) and cover. £400 ONO with collection from Derby unless anyone knows a way to post it. Pictures will be up soon. Don't hesitate to PM me with any questions. From the TE website: - Preshape circuit. - 7-band classic Graphic Equalizer. - Compressor with self-adjusting program dependant Attack/Release times. - Series effects loop. - Output Mute switch, active on all outputs except Tuner Out. - Electronically balanced XLR DI outputs for Pre and Post Preamp. - Additional speaker output (8 Ohms minimum load). - 600 Watts (4 Ohms) output stage (with additional speaker cabinet). - 15” (382mm) special design Celestion speaker. - High frequency horn with variable attenuation. - Footswitch allowing control of Preshape, Graphic EQ, Compressor and Output Mute. - Cabinet tuned, with bottom unobstructed slot, to 42Hz. - Lightweight poplar plywood construction. - Original classy black ‘pimple’ covered. - Metal handles and protective corners. - Dimensions (HxWxD): 24.5'' (622mm) x 24.2'' (615mm) x 13.2'' (335mm) - Weight: 79lbs (36kg) - RRP £1378.00 Oh and the faceplate is backlit as well Again PM me with any questions and pics will be up soon
  2. What colour is that Warwick? Its hot whatever it is!
  3. Nice rig. Sweet Warwick there as well.
  4. I know I won't get a neo rig, I just want something semi-portable. For when I'm at uni. Is the best place for secondhand ebay and these forums?
  5. [quote name='richy316' post='146905' date='Feb 25 2008, 08:50 PM']how much you got to spend in total? im sure you could get something better than Ashdown MAG, i mean no offence to those people that own MAG stuff already but when you've got £350 to spend on cabs after you've bought a head you must have around £600/700 to spend? Consider Peavey, Hartke, Warwick.[/quote] Took the plunge on an ex-display ABM 300 head on Soundslive yesterday for £239. It was showing in stock but now my status is backordered and seeing as it was a one off I guess someone got in before me and so I won't be getting it But ye roughly £600. I'm looking to stay away from Peavey as I've heard they weigh quite a bit, but if I can find a good deal then why not. I'll wait to see what happens with the ABM first though
  6. [quote name='Bassmouseman' post='145922' date='Feb 24 2008, 11:29 AM']I've got a MAG600 with the 210 and 115 cabs, not a bad setup plenty of power and a good sound. The MAG cabs can be a bit boomy and need a compressor to help tighten things up IMO. Also (as i'm sure you know) the head will output more than the cabs can take, so be careful with the volume knob! [/quote] Ye I'll definately watch the volume. Does it still put out enough volume for gigs with a drummer though?
  7. Firstly which of these would be best as a first amp head: Ashdown ABM 300 Evo II (Used) Ashdown MAG 600 (Used) Ashdown Little Giant 350 (New) They are all around the same price so that doesn't come into it. I'll have about £350 left for cabs then. So would the Ashdown MAG 210T and MAG115 be good choices. I really like the Ashdown stuff (demoed a MAG 300 combo) but if anyones got any better ideas then go ahead. I'll be using this for small to medium sized gigs, with and without PA. I'm looking at 2 seperate cabs instaed of a 410 as I'm off to uni in September so will need something that can be broken down. Thanks in advance.
  8. The 350 watt head says about a combined 4 ohms. Does this mean a single 4 ohm cab can't be used or does it mean that if you are comining cabs you must have a min of 4 ohms?
  9. Ye I've looked into it but don't know anywhere in the UK to find parts and all the colour spraying I could find cost nearly £200. If you could link me to some sites I'd be grateful. Cheers Ben
  10. Basically I'm after a Jazz bass in the colour of Dan Andriano's (main pic on this page [url="http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?section=Basses"]Dan Andriano bass[/url]) Doesn't matter about a painted headstock and my budget is £500 maximum. So, anyone up for the challenge?
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