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  1. Hey all, I have a lovely Hohner B2A which I bought through the Basschat forums. Love the damn thing. I'm very happy with it, but would like to swap the Steinberger drop-D bridge for a regular bridge. I don't use the drop-D, but more importantly I often play with a pick and mute strings with my palm, and the mechanism gets in the way. Can anyone confirm or deny mounting holes/positions are the same and a straight swap is possible? If so, I would be happy to swap my hardware for a non-drop-D if anyone has the opposite setup - wasn't sure which forum to post for swaps though. Many thanks! Adam
  2. askii

    Casapete Feedback!

    Just bought a lovely Hohner B2A from Pete, and he was a gem to deal with - would recommend to anyone. The freight pickup was organised from my end and went smooth as silk. Goods were packed very well, and he even chucked in an extra set of double-ballends he had left over. Even better considering I am a total noob on Basschat Thanks Pete - loving the bass!
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