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  1. Still available, and price reduced one last time to £1000 to try and speed up finding it a new home. If any questions, or if you fancy giving it a try, just let me know. Cheers, Neville
  2. I've had a question re. the chip on the back of the body, so in case it's putting anyone off ...... I used the close up pic which shows it at its worst / most obvious in bright light, as I'd rather someone see it in real life and be pleasantly surprised that it's really not that bad rather than be disappointed if worse than expected. It really isn't noticable unless you look for it, and is in a place which is rarely on view. So, I've dropped the price a bit more to £1025, and if anyone fancies having a look I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  3. Thanks for interest, but 'fraid I need a straight sale on this please .....
  4. Still available, so if anyone fancies having a look / try, I'm around the rest of the week-end or could make a plan for next week ......
  5. Ha, thanks for trying to make me see sense, but the voice of reason says I really do need to sell in order to maintain domestic harmony if you know what I mean. So, if you are keen but would want to try it first, let me know and I'll see if we can come up with a plan.
  6. It is indeed great - in fact I was just having a quick play on it and had just about managed to convince myself ( again ) just to keep it, then saw your message. I'm having a right old struggle persuading myself to move it on as I know I'm going to regret it, but ...... needs must and all that. I don't ever get as far as Essex, but am happy to make the trip if you're up for making a contribution to diesel. Guess the best bet is if of interest, send me a PM and we can make a plan ..... Cheers, Neville.
  7. Need a straight sale on this please rather than trades - thanks.
  8. Well my scales aren't the best and I seem to get a slightly different reading every time, but it's in the region of 4kg / 9lbs. I'm not sure what they usually weigh in at, but mine does feel a tad lighter than some other Ash SR5's I've come across, and balances nicely.
  9. Just to add ...... When I posted this, I tried to add 'ono' to the price but there didn't seem to be the option of listing anything other than a fixed price, so just to say ...... I am open to ( hopefully near : ) offers if of interest.
  10. Reduced to £1050. Reduced to £1025 ...... & REDUCED TO £1000 ...... Selling my StingRay 5 which I bought new from PMT in July '12 when I went in to buy a 5 string Jazz but ended up falling for the lovely neck and playability of the StingRay. However, I've just bought a Fender Jazz V and can only justify having the one 5 stringer, and the sound of the Jazz is more me so the Stingray needs to go albeit very reluctantly. 1 piece Ash body / Maple neck / Rosewood board. It's in excellent condition, pretty much as new really, with just a couple of tiny marks and the usual light scratchplate swirling, but ....... The bass had a knock in the shop before I bought it, which was subsequently repaired by their in store guy. It's purely a cosmetic issue, on the back of the body near the bottom strap button, where a slither of wood was chipped out of the body. The chipped piece has been glued back in and the gaps filled. One of the pics shows it clearly and I've used the pic which makes it look as bad / obvious as possible. Although it doesn't look like it in the pic, the finish where it's been repaired isn't pitted - the filler has been sanded so the body edge is still intact and smooth to the touch. It really isn't noticable unless you're looking for it as it blends with the grain and doesn't draw the eye, and is in a place which is rarely on view. Everything else is spot on. It's had a full pro set up, plays beautifully, sounds fab, and as it's only left the house a couple of times, the case ( original Musicman ABS case ) is pretty much as new as well. You're welcome to come and have a look / give it a try - I'm in Leeds, but travel round a lot so may be able to deliver / meet up. I'd prefer buyer to collect or for me to deliver personally, but if you're too far away for this to be practical I'm happy to arrange delivery by courier ( UK only ). If of interest, if you let me know where you are I'll let you know if I can deliver, or maybe we could meet somewhere ...... Cheers, Neville
  11. I forgot to mention, but there's a nice quality Fret King gig bag included with it as well ......
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