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  1. MetricMike

    What's left to do when you're old?

    The drummer and I from my last covers band (me late 50s, he 60s) formed an original bands. We play what we want and when we want, no more Brown Eyed Girl, no more being having to be polite to drunken half-wits during the break at pub. gigs. We started off doing a fair few gigs but then got into recording and are due to release an album tomorrow (Friday 31st march). Having never been on album release before (despite having played for more years than many of you have lived, I am very excited! [url="https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XB75VC1/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp"]https://www.amazon.c...=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp[/url] [url="https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/highcroft/id1208514525"]https://itunes.apple...ft/id1208514525[/url]
  2. MetricMike

    Groove Central Station - Promo clips

    Excellent stuff - I especially enjoyed the Luther Vandross cover, not just played and sang well but great feel to!
  3. MetricMike

    Highcroft - "Cartoon"

    After years of playing in pub covers band, myself and the drummer decided we wanted to put together an originals band. We have finally put together an album due to be released on iTunes, Amazon etcetera on 31/3/2017. Here is the title track [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkqjTzqwmng"]http://www.youtube....h?v=GkqjTzqwmng[/url] Enjoy!
  4. MetricMike

    UJAHM new recording

    Enjoyed this - thanks! Highcroft band now following you on Soundcloud
  5. MetricMike

    A track from Highcroft

    Finally put the finishing touches to some tracks we recorded last year. Here is the first one we have put out [url="https://soundcloud.com/highcroft-nottingham/love-hurts"]https://soundcloud.com/highcroft-nottingham/love-hurts[/url]
  6. Nottingham based band Highcroft are looking for a bass player. We play mainly original material and are after feel, reliabilty with a dash of inspiration. We have own PA, rehearsal facilities and a few gigs lined up (including Alchemy Festival). [url="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highcroft/604679916218991"]https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highcroft/604679916218991[/url]
  7. MetricMike

    John Deacon (Queen)

    [quote name='darkandrew' timestamp='1403640638' post='2484905'] I bought a Queen Greatest Hits CD once that had a second disc which featured an audio commentary by Brian May and Roger Taylor, and on the subject of "Another One Bites The Dust" they credit John Deacon not only with recording the bass part but also the guitar part - so it turns out he's also a pretty useful guitar player too. [/quote] So he not only "borrowed" the bass line, he also "borrowed" the guitar part! [i]For those who didn't know, John Deacon was there when Chic recorded "Good Times".[/i]
  8. MetricMike

    Eric Clapton - Live In Leeds (22/06/2014)

    [quote name='leftybassman392' timestamp='1403617790' post='2484547'] ..................... I don't doubt he does regret it (and given the opportunity again I don't doubt a sober Eric Clapton would choose to express himself somewhat differently), but after this long I can't see it happening .............................. I mean it's not as if he committed a serious crime (and in matters of moral judgement - which is what this is - I'm always wary of using today's standards to judge events that took place nearly 40 years ago; the world was a different place) [/quote] He did not appear to regret his comments when asked about them in 2004 (interview with Uncut) and 2007 (South Bank Show). On both occasions he re-itereated his support for Powell, although bizarrely claimed Powel was not racist! At the time it was not a crime, today I believe the crime would be "Inciting racial hatred", oh and by the way if you were not around at the time Powell managed to incite an awful lot of racial hatred, intimidation and violence. We all make mistakes due to youthful bravado, drink etc., but most of us apologise and try and make amends, we do not try and justify it decades later.
  9. MetricMike

    EUB in Miles Davis Tribute Band

    It's stupid o'clock in the morning so I have only had time to listen to "So What". Really enjoyed it. It captures the feel, and playing style of the original players and the original track really well, but still allows your musical personalties to come through. It was a pleasure to listen to - thanks!
  10. MetricMike

    Water for Dogs latest offering "Time Jump"

    Really enjoyed this, love the jazzy feel over the trance beat, and then those little touches of rock. If I were producing it here are the suggestions/ideas I might throw at you. For me the guitar intro does not adds anything, Starting with the synth (18secs?) would have more impact, and would have the addded advantage that the guitar when it comes at around 50 secs, would have more impact as a completely new sound. I know you said this is the cut down version I would still think about cutting it further. I was more than ready for each of the changes when they came (2:50, 4:46, 7:20). If you want to keep each section that long that maybe you could think about some variation on the bass or drums (not sure if you can alter the drum programming so....). Bits I enjoyed most Great pulsing rythym track throughout, the bass is really tight, lovely timing, nice tone and had me dancing (mentally at least). As a guitarist I enjoyed the guitar parts, especially the contrast between the distorted parts in the first and third main part, and the mellow jazzy support to the trumpet. Although I might want it a little shorter, you still kept me hooked for all 7:48, and left me with a smile in my ears.
  11. MetricMike

    What tunes have you been learning today?

    [quote name='stubass' timestamp='1402264058' post='2471568'] Right guys, I want some honest feedback. This is the first mix of our demo (we're a function band wanting to cash in on the lucrative wedding game) .................................................. [/quote] Stubass if you want to start a thread in the "Share your music" forum then I will let you know what I thought, as this probably isn't the right place to do it. Mike
  12. Highcroft have lost our singer. So we are looking for a new voice, and, while we are at it an extra person to add an additional dimension to our music (musician (musician?, sample producer/trigger person?, scratch dj?, percussionist?). We are an originals band so will want you to be involved in the writing process. The tracks on our Facebook give some idea of what we do, but we are open to other ideas, sounds, influences. Try something different and contact us! [url="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highcroft/604679916218991"]https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highcroft/604679916218991[/url]
  13. MetricMike

    "Unforgiven " from Highcroft in Nottingham

    Thanks for the comments, and apologies for not replying before. We did have a version prior to this where the background vocals were further back in the mix, as you suggested, but decided in the end to go with this one. It was a close call though. We won't be re-working this as we have too many other tracks we want to get down , but your suggestion on the wider panning on the guitars is a good one and will bear it in mind for future tracks.
  14. We have been putting this band together for a while now and while we have nearly 90 mins of original material for our live set, this is our first "proper" recording. The plan at the moment is to put out one new track a month, (but we will see how that goes). [media]http://youtu.be/4rbgLeKSMHE[/media] For anyone who is interested, the bass and drums (plus vocal and guitar guide tracks) were recorded on a Korg D888-8 hard drive recorder, transferred to Nuendo on a PC, which is where I added the guitar tracks. The vocals were recorded at Elementz studios in Nottingham and then transferred onto the PC for mixing and editing. Incidentally our bass player (Billy) has only been playing for just over a year, but was a hip-hop producer prior to that. Just shows what you can do with good ears and timing (perhaps the best of any bass player I have played with, and there's been a few of those!).
  15. MetricMike

    Sunday Boredum, New tune from Big Rob

    Some great ideas but to my ears it sounds as though it needs a more. Perhaps some more high end percussion (the hi-hat came through on headphones but got lost at low volumes on speakers, and I am using studio monitors on my PC). Perhaps to a bit more variety to the arrangment. by 40 secs or so in it was calling for a change and frankly I was starting to lose interest, but when the change did come at 1:02 ish it really made me sit up and take notice again. IMHO It's a great start and deserves more work.