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  2. Hi, I am in a bit of a pickle. I am looking for a small yet giggable bass rig. I have limited storage space in my house... but I need a rig that is useable at jams and gigs I play in a post hardcore band I am on a tight budget of about £500-600 max, and would prefer 2nd hand. I am wondering if a combo is the best option? Any advice?
  3. I currently have 2 Laney 2x15 cabs, rated to 8ohmn and I am looking for a new bass head to power them. I play in a Doom/sludge band with a lot of low end, and also play through a Bass Big Muff. What head would be best for this purpose? I would prefer solid state. please help...
  4. I have a Laney DP150 head and matching 2x15 cab for sale. I am trying to create some space in my flat and this just sits gathering dust as I no longer place bass in any bands. It is from the 80's, in good condition. The head needs a wee service as it crackles from time to time, I think due to a loose input socket. All the sliders are intact etc.. I shall post up pictures asap. Looking for £100-150 or swap for a 2x12 or 4x12 guitar cab. Thanks
  5. Still for sale. I am looking for a quick sale to fund a new guitar amp.... Open to offers...
  6. [quote name='thedonutman' post='504005' date='Jun 2 2009, 05:14 PM']Would you happen to be interested in a Laney 4x12 or an Ibanez RG570EX(Japanese made, with the original Edge trem)?[/quote] Hi, Sorry I would not be interested in the Ibanez guitar. I have no need for a Floyd Rose.
  7. [quote name='thisnameistaken' post='503831' date='Jun 2 2009, 02:33 PM']What happened to the finish - did it just start flaking off? Also what are the modifications to the electronics - what pickups are those, and why three knobs + a switch? Edit: Actually is that a switch or just blanking the hole left by the fourth knob? Last question: What year is it? Ta.[/quote] The pickups are BassLines thats all I know about them unfortunatly. I bought it 2nd hand about 2 1/2 years ago. It was upgraded to these pickups by the seller and he removed a tone knob, I do not know why. I am unsure to what year it is as well. Sorry I can not be of more help.
  8. I have up for sale my Warwick Streamer Stage 1 bass guitar. It is in a used condition, it has been gigged extensively but still sounds amazing. It may need a wee bit of an overhaul due to a bit of earthing buzz going on, I have not opened it up and had a look yet. I am sure it is a very small minor job. The finish is not the best. The bottom part of the body has some of the finish removed and there is cracks on the finish. This does not effect the performance of the bass just does not look too great. I have covered this area with duct tape to try and prevent it from worsening and to add extra padding to it when being transported in its gig bag. Looking for around £450 but due to the cosmetic damage I am open to offers. I would also consider part exchange for guitar cab(s) or a decent guitar. p.s. the pics look different as some are from when I had it listed on ebay and changed my mind and the other (darker) ones where taken just yesterday.
  9. I do indeed use the 4 from a 5 string set a strings, works ace and me bass sounds good. Thank you for all the replies i am gunna study up on a few amps and then go and try a few out cheers
  10. hi, I play in a band that is tuned to B E A D and use a Warwick Streamer Stage 1. I was wondering what amp would people suggest for playing live? I am strugling to find an amp that sounds good and has enough power for the live environment in this tuning. I am willing to save up and buy something decent, but is there anything out there for folk on a ight budget? A few suggestions woul be great, if it is a case of saving more then i will. Oh and is a combo better than a head and cab? cheers JaY
  11. i am really interested in this bass, is it still available? cheers
  12. aarrrghhh! I really wanna buy this amp! How much would it cost to courier to Aberdeen, Scotland? I am very tempted to try and find £180 if it was in a months time i would be laughing! DOH!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. wow! Sorted, all with the aid of a match stick amazing. I am going to have to remember that trick. Thanks guys!
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