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  1. The Hal Leonard bass guitar method by Ed Friedland is a great place to start!
  2. Sounds to me like if I get a fancy preamp pedal, the sound guy will mess with the EQ and send it back through my headphones anyway so I might as well not bother! All of the sounds are very 'straight' anyway, there's no drives or scoops or effects at all. However, if anyone can give me a really good reason to go shopping for preamp/DI boxes, I'm all ears!
  3. Hi, I've been doing a lot of theatre work over the past few years and I usually give the sound guy a direct out of my Markbass amp. I recently spoke to a guy who says he just always plugs direct into the DI box that they give him if we are going to be on headphones. I also read that when giving the sound guy a DI it should be post-EQ. So, my question is. Is it really necessary/a good idea to have some sort of preamp involved or is is pointless as the best thing to do is send a totally dry signal to the sound man? I was thinking of buying something like an EBS microbass which is a DI/preamp, but what's the point if we are supposed to provide a totally dry signal to the sound man? Thanks! Justin
  4. I couldn't open the file and I'd love to have a go at this one. Does anyone have that transcription in pdf?
  5. [quote name='davebass66' timestamp='1368140579' post='2073844'] Wiling to post? [/quote] I have never posted an amp and wouldn't be too confident. I imagine it would be very expensive and liable to damage in transit! Justin
  6. NO LONGER FOR SALE, SORRY! Hi, I am sure you know all about this amp in general, so here are specifics for this one. The original Flightcases had a fault which caused a hum. This one has had a whole new board shipped from the manufacturer and professionally installed. It sounds great and is totally hum-free. It sounds great. Location : Manchester Willing to drive 30 odd miles to meet/deliver for petrol. Thanks! Justin (Previously thought the compressor didn't work, but it does, it's just subtle. Thanks MB1!)
  7. Going rate is a tough one. If I am playing a pub, I would expect £30-50 (all prices as an individual, not a band) and that it would be no-stress and material that I (hopefully) like to play anyway. I don't do those gigs anymore, though. As a family man giving up a Saturday night for £30 is not OK. If I am playing a social club, it's more £60-80 (max). But those are horrible. If it's a wedding/corporate event - £150 Minimum up to £250. If it's a community musical, sometimes it's like £200 for a 4 night run and a rehearsal - I love doing these, though - proper reading gigs. I did one dep for a major national musical tour. All considered, it's lots of travel and pressure for less than average money. Glad I did it just for the experience, though. Anyway - basically its all down to what you can afford/demand and where you are in your life. At one point, I loved doing those £30 gigs. Now I won't do it because I don't have to. Teaching pays the bills for me though! I feel blessed. J
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