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  1. Mmmm, valve vs solid state. As a quick reference, check out your favourite players on youtube, spot how many use valve/solid state amps,,,,question answered, 90% use solid state, usually Eden, GK, Ashdown,Aguilar, why?, more control, more tones, better reliability, lighter, cheaper. Tried an SVT rig,a Mesa Boogie, Trace Elliot, Fender,Roland and Peavey valve rigs side by side with an EBS FAfner rig, thanks to Gaz at PMT Birmingham. After two hours of side by side testing with all these i walked away with the EBS rig. I believe the valve issue with bass players, along with the Fender basses is only a matter of nostalgia and name. Bass equipment has moved on incredibly far compared to guitar, don't forget, at one time there was only tube amps. Conclusion, valve amps for guitar, thats what they were designed for Solid state for bass, thats what [b][i]they[/i][/b] were designed for. My apologies to all bass valve users, its your choice, my choice after 40 years of trying everything that has been available over this time is solid state. RESPECT
  2. Had mine a month now, so far no problems, I play in a blues rock band with a guitarist who uses a 100 watt Marshal, keeps up whith him fine. Band loves the tone of this thing and have warned me they will lynch me if i change it I have found that the tubedrive is fairly useless, unless you are in a Motorhead tribute band. I have the gain at 5, the bass at centre 0, middle at +2, and treble at -4, and not had to to take the master past 5 yet ( on threats from the drummer,lol,lol). A wonderful clear punchy tone. I use the inbuilt chorus toneprint because it actually sounds better than my EBS Unichorus, and that sucker cost me £135!!!! how about that for value for money from TC. Like everyone else that owns a TC i have tried all the effects, but can only find a use for two, the Spectracomp and the default chorus, pity TC didn't allow for the use of two effects or more at the same time, but hey, if they did that would increase the price. Totally agree with LeftyBiskit, the tuner is only good for an emergency. I rate this purchase my best ever, and consider i just got rid of a full EBS rig, Fafner head, Proline 4x10, Proline 1x15. For those that say it is muddy or fluffy, i suggest they learn how to set an amp up, and for those that suggest it should have been fitted with a 12" instead of a 15, its all down to your personal prefences. The BG250 combo is the perfect combo for any gig situation, if you can't hear this thing on stage sack the sound engineer, or the rest of the band is too loud!
  3. [quote name='eude' timestamp='1332351536' post='1587175'] The real question is why is it so freakin' ugly?! ...and, why not make it a 12" cab with a wedge style - kick back shape? Surely that would be a lot more useful and a bit more interesting! I do get the impression that TC don't really listen to bass players, I've got about 5 unanswered emails to them suggesting new products. </2p> Eude [/quote] They do listen to bass players, they listen to the ones that helped them with the toneprints, experienced known players with big reputations. Who would you listen to?. As for ugly, do you want to play it or marry it??
  4. [quote name='eude' timestamp='1332351536' post='1587175'] The real question is why is it so freakin' ugly?! ...and, why not make it a 12" cab with a wedge style - kick back shape? Surely that would be a lot more useful and a bit more interesting! I do get the impression that TC don't really listen to bass players, I've got about 5 unanswered emails to them suggesting new products. </2p> Eude [/quote] I think its very brave, or very confident for a company that is known for its effects to stand out and build bass amps. Bass players are notoriously critical, with good reason. I have been searching for "THAT" tone for 40 years! Having owned or used almost everything that has been available over that time. My conclusion? travel round with a recording studio and engineer, I have never yet heard anything decent thats not been d.i'd. Live sound, that is from the amp and guitar will change with almost every gig/room/stage. Sounds great in the shop,,,at the gig/rehearsal? don't sound the same. What sounds great in the bedroom does not mean it will soung good anywhere else. My point is,, you can't really go by other peoples opinions, its down to you, and your ears. The TC line of bass gear is just giving us more choice, and in my experience, paying loads of money for "NAME" gear aint always a wise choice, been there,,,done that. As for volume, if you can't hear yourself with an 150 watt set up,,,the rest of the band is too loud!. Rule of thumb,,,bass needs to have twice the output of the guitar, and a guitar at 100 watt is too damn loud for pub gigs. Any other size gigs will have you mike up through a sound system with foldback.
  5. [quote name='King Tut' timestamp='1350942452' post='1845507'] Bought one of these last week after trying in PMT Northampton. I gigged it saturday night at a club gig with my trio. Plenty loud enough but found the bottom end quite boomy and not very tight. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking maybe it's something to do with the contouring EQ. I might try again but pull the bass right back to maybe 8 or 9 o'clock on the dial - this would cut around 80hz but add some 100hz (I think). 100Hz I reckon gives a bit more punch. Be interested in the view of the TC guy on here. [/quote] I take delivery of one in the next couple of days, i use a Sandberg 5 string fretless, Sandberg custom shop Bullet, and a TBird, so i will be putting it through its paces, will post results hopefully in the middle of next week.
  6. [quote name='LeftyBiskit' timestamp='1336843846' post='1651888'] Just picked one of these up from PMT M/cr-took it straight to rehearsal....Impressed you bet, exactly what i've been looking for, as for the weight -16kg one handed carry,I'm happy with that. only one negative imo It would have benefitted with some kind of compression,tube drive is great,especially when you dig in. Am I going to miss my Hartke/Ashdowns -dont think so [/quote] It has got compression, one of the tone prints, and its a string by string compression, much better than the bog standard types.
  7. [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1369841233' post='2093358'] I think the new Epiphone Thunderbird Classic is excellent value for money - I can see little advantage in spending over three times as much for the 'genuine' Gibson. They are very, very close. However, neither sound like true 'birds to me - the current pickups are very different to the originals. Replace the pickups with some Thunderbuckers and you're in business - something I intend to do to that white Epi when I finally get round to buying it! [/quote] I have to admit i have never tried the Gibbo, i myself having fell into the "BASS SNOB" trap many years ago as you can see by my previous basses, i will have to go and have a go, just to see the difference. I only went for the Epi because i did buy one of the early ones for £90 lol, just to see how they played and sounded for that kind of money, i was astonished, and impressed enough to go for a new Classic Pro, i did have tho oppertunity to buy a 2000 Gibbo for £650, but went for the Epi instead, mainly i think because i could not justify the outlay. I regret not getting one all those years ago, instead i listened to self professed "experts"
  8. I have just received my new Epi thunderbird Classic in Arctic white, before i give my views let me qualify my experience. Been playing for over 40 years, 15 years fully pro, signed to EMI, owned, among others, - Fender Jazz (1967) Rickenbackker 4001 Pre Ernie Ball Stingray Warwick Thumb bolt on 4 string Alembic Stanley Clarke Custom Deluxe Spector SSD 95 CUstom Still own Sandberg Bullet Custom Shop 5 string Sandberg Ken Tayler Custom Shop fretless 5 string Last rig, - EBS Fafner, proline 4x10, proline 1x15, and everything else that has been available in the UK I fully research, and fully test every piece of equipment i buy. I have read many threads regarding the Classic pro, and noticed many saying it is muddy sounding. I have come to the conclusion these people are not bass players, have absolutey no idea about basses and tone, and should really learn to play the instrument before they disuade other new players to ignore certain guitars/amps. Staight out the box my new Epi sounds as bright and growly as any of the basses i have ever owned or played. Set my amp flat, set p/up to neck, rolled off the tone to zero,,,,,not a drop of mud in sight!!!! Neck heavy???? the people who say this must be 12 years old and built like a paper clip, "GIVE UP AND BUY A BANJO!!!!" This bass is an absolute delight to play, forget the bass snobs, this Epi stands alongside anything out there.
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