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  1. I wondered the same, and in my mind that was the most puzzling part. Why would someone take the time to begin engraving and stop at "MADE"? Or perhaps it was that person's initials... Guess we'll never know! It's a neat little player and, in my opinion, quite an unassuming tone machine!
  2. Thank you very much! It's a bit of a rare sight around the forum nowadays though...
  3. @Jean-Luc Pickguard I think you win the pony! Must be a post-64 model as there is no sign of the jack having ever been side-mounted https://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/vox/bass/1965_Bassmaster.php Thank you so much for the help Here's how it sounds, for what it's worth! video-1620489151.mp4
  4. I didn't want to proclaim that it was a Fender part in case you could tell that it wasn't Do you think there is a possibility that it could be a home build?
  5. The bridge cover is the same dimensions as the Fender P bridge cover, and you're correct about the truss rod - no access to adjust. The neck is quite deep in profile as well.
  6. Restrung with Picato flats and ready to go! The edges of the bridge are pretty sharp, making the bridge cover "ashtray" something of a necessity... ... Complete with homemade weatherstrip mute Of course I had a little help as well
  7. Hardware cleaned using caustic chlorinated detergent "Made" - but where and by whom?? Single coil pickup, single volume
  8. I have here a mysterious no-name, narrow-necked, short scale bass which was gifted to me a few years ago in working but rough condition. I've had the whole thing apart to clean up the hardware and couldn't find any marks of identification at all so I have no idea of the make/model/history of the instrument. I would guess that it's some kind of catalogue/Woolworths style deal from the 60s or possibly early 70s, judging by the general design and features (including flat head screws all around, except the machine heads). Do any Basschat resident experts recognise this or have any idea what it could be?
  9. That's an expensive looking bib!
  10. Nice! I've played a 50W Bassman. Great sound, but lacking a little headroom in the heat of the moment. I bet the 100W would be perfect.
  11. Thanks Rich and Stevie for keeping and re-uploading this fabulous resource. I must admit, I too was puzzled by the lack of notation in the pdfs before taking a second look at the post!
  12. Problem seems to be resolved... I plugged into another USB port and it worked! The port which I'm now using is the one which I have usually used historically, but I'm sure that it used to work from all ports on the computer Thanks for the advice chaps, I'll bear it all in mind if I have problems in the future!
  13. It's the original B3, and I might just try that!
  14. Until recently, the two seemed to exist in perfect harmony. Most of my practising is performed in headphones, through my B3 which is plugged via USB into my laptop. The audio output of the computer goes through the B3, so in the headphones I get both the Bass and laptop audio. Until I downloaded the most recent Windows 10 update... Now, the USB seems only to power the B3 and my laptop doesn't seem to register the B3 at all. Edit & Share won't open properly and I don't even get the options to send the PC audio to the B3. I haven't tried recording with it recently, but I assume that the situation is the same. I've tried downloading all of the latest software and firmware updates for the B3 from Zoom but this doesn't seem to have made any difference. Does anybody else have experience of this, and can anyone advise on a fix? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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