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  1. 9 hours ago, pineweasel said:

    Worth noting that David Hungate overdubbed the pops on the original, so it’s impossible to play it precisely as recorded. 

    Thanks for this info, I always thought it was just me who wasn't good enough

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  2. I always thought I was going to keep this but I'm playing my headless Status most of the time and I don't take it along anymore as a spare bass to gigs because I don't gig a lot anymore (couple of times that the "spare" Steinberger ended up being played at the gig because it sounded better).
    I've had the L2 series by Steinberger and the sound imo is the same.
    Comes with a small gigbag and can be picked up or shipped (shipment to the UK included).

    No paypal please since I've had bad experiences because of the fees and the exchange rates.
    In excellent condition, controls : volume, volume, tone. Has the leg-rest.
    No trades please..

    Feel free to check my feedback here on BC.

    steinie 008.JPG

    steinie 001.JPG

    steinie 002.JPG

    steinie 003.JPG

    steinie 004.JPG

    steinie 005.JPG

    steinie 006.JPG

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