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  1. Hi lovelies, Looking through TOTP reruns, and found this beauty of a bass. boomtown rats - Rat Trap - 1978, Top of the Pops Anyone know the manufacturer? kr, Josh
  2. Thanks very much for the link, but I was hoping someone may have found any scores songs other than Too Shy.
  3. Hi all, I've recently discovered some absolutely incredible slap playing from the band Kajagoogoo and was wondering if anyone knows where I could get some sheet music for the album White Feathers! I know that Nick Beggs wrote a transcription for Too Shy- has he done any more for the album? What a funky chorus line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkqRTIBJ9sY&list=PLUgMBZS5gpXoIKQVfa86s64YibmY8ucc1&index=9 I'd totally be happy to score up some tracks myself if there's enough interest. Cheers, Josh
  4. Recently purchased a TC Electronics bass amp from Martin, and what a fantastic seller. Was easy to contact, no problems with the item, and arrived extremely quickly. Great basschatter. 10/10!
  5. [font="Helvetica, Arial, lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"][color="#141823"]Hi there![/color][/font] [font="Helvetica, Arial, lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"][color="#141823"] Due to my current educational position (slap bang in the middle of A levels and planning to move abroad for uni!) I am unfortunately unable to continue my position as bassist in my band and am looking for any keen bass players who would be interested in joining a metal band. [b]The Final Chapter [/b]have played all around the UK, and have a fairly big following around the West Midlands area- Birmingham, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Coventry. We've played with Dead Harts, Sylosis, Yashin and InMe.[/color][/font] [color=#141823][font=Helvetica, Arial,]The guys are looking for someone older than me, between 18-26 with drive, and dedication to music, with your[/font][/color][color=#141823][font=Helvetica, Arial,] own equipment and ability to get to central Birmingham for rehearsal, and shows on a regular basis (3-6 a month.) We do get paid for shows, however [b]TFC[/b] has been my baby for two years and I have always considered it a hobby. [/font][/color][color=#141823][font=Helvetica, Arial,]It would be an added bonus if you already have plenty of gigging/recording experience and your own transport. [/font][/color][color=#141823][font=Helvetica, Arial,]Ability to do backing vocals/screams would be another bonus.[/font][/color] We have just released two new songs on YouTube and ITunes, and have 3 more songs recorded and scheduled for release every month up until the New Year, when I officially leave. Here are the links; Ditch; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iML15yy4Kxs&list=UUBiShaYouPN7-xe4aFktcxA Sins; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYP_E7rCR0c&list=UUBiShaYouPN7-xe4aFktcxA The rest of the band are very professional, with the vocalist and guitarist both studying music at university, and the drummer having performed with the band Speed Theory for many years before their break. [color=#141823][font=Helvetica, Arial,]If you are interested, please private message me on Basschat, or send us a Facebook message on [/font][/color]https://www.facebook.com/thefinalchapterofficial with an example recording of your playing/performance skills! Thanks, Josh
  6. I hope that I'm not too late onto the bandwagon! I'd love to be able to get down again. It's great to see the event taking place again. It would be an added bonus if the venue was close to a train/tube station in my case, and of course I'd be willing to contribute towards the day.The travel time is roughly the same in order to get to London or Manchester.
  7. I own a left handed, fretless 4-string one of these- different brand name but identical otherwise. The build quality isn't great and it's as silent as any other unplugged electric bass, yet I've used it on a few acoustic recordings and sits nicely in a mix. I think I'd get a few looks if I rolled up to a gig with the badboy O.o
  8. Sorry for the massive picture! I play a lefty MIM Jazz from 2011, with some lovely Hughes and Kettner 4x10's and a HA3000 head from Hartke. \m/
  9. [quote name='brensabre79' timestamp='1370015319' post='2095604'] They are under £7 with free postage from some eBay stores and only come in a completely useless combination of gauges. You get what you pay for. I tried the DR ones once too, within 1 gig (yes one) the colour had flaked off leaving red on my hands, my bass and trapped in all the nooks and crannies, and silver strings. worse was it was only where I'd played so from the 6th fret to the end of the neck and from the pickup to the bridge was red, the rest was silver. So much for looking good. I might as well have bought a sharpie and coloured in some rotosounds. [/quote] Actually funny that you should say that- I used the black beauties on my BC Rich for ages and thought they were great, and so did the audience. They definitely don't have that 'raw' feeling that the Lo-Riders have, so that could either be a good or bad thing. I'm yet to try the DDT range to see whether it's a synonymous thing with DR strings. The colour of the strings had pretty much been churned back to silver, but I only really thought of it from the total abuse of the fretboard over months. However although a fun gimmick, I don't think I'll be going back to them especially now I'm using Earnie Balls' Hybrid Slinkies.
  10. For that price tag, I'd buy a nice ESP or LTD bass- some of the finishes on the basses are fantastic, but I've never been able to get one due to being left handed. They don't sound half bad either. I know a bassist who owns a B-155 DX with the blue top and it looks magnificent on stage. [url="http://www.espguitars.co.uk/basses.html"]http://www.espguitars.co.uk/basses.html[/url]
  11. When I first started gigging, I feel incredibly thankful for all of the bassists that let me use their gear- especially in situations where you're the local opening band, and the headliner's entourage has pretty much blockaded the whole stage. However I do have a story to tell! We must have been playing at a smallish venue, with the dons of the metal underworld in Rugby and over email, I'd arranged to borrow the headliner's rig with no problems at all. I turned up on the day all fine and dandy, life was great! This band's bassist walked me through his gear and helped me set up for the show. TFC played our slot and immediately after, this giant of a vocalist clambered up on stage and all hell broke loose on my 15 year old self. What I hadn't realised was that this amplifier was peaking in the red quite often, and I honestly thought my arms were going to be dismembered from my body and used as drumsticks. From then on, even if it says that gear is supplied, I've brought my own rig along. I think from my own experiences and how I was 'brought up' in the scene, I am much more willing to lend out equipment. It's not so much people are completely braindead, more misinformed as to how much these things cost and what happens to break them. Obviously if someone decides to deliberately batter it about, I'm not going to be happy, but I think that even a snail would have the common sense and the courtesy to realise that this stuff [b]does actually belong to someone![/b]
  12. JustinBass, Change the file extention to .PDF and it should become readable. Do I Do is a killer and I'm a [b]tad[/b] frustrated that I've just found the notation after learning it by ear! (Hey, good practice though!) Master blaster is also in 1/2 step down tuning, and so's superstition as well. Either the Stevie Wonder tracks were written in Eb, Nathan Watts wanted to have that more 'natural' feeling- where he can just strike that Eb at the end of that insane riff, or the looser tension on the strings seemed to suit his playing style more. I suspect it's a mixture of all three!
  13. Wow, thanks a bunch guys! Sorry I haven't been on for a couple of days, got back to a goldmine of ideas. Thanks for all of the ideas. I have a feeling that the metronome will be coming out more often! I'll let you all know how I get on ^^
  14. [quote name='AttitudeCastle' timestamp='1338323748' post='1672870'] When you say get better, do you mean as a player, on a technical front or as a musician? [/quote] I think that at the moment, I'd be looking at the "musician side" Thanks for your responses And I agree Bilbo! Straight after posting, I saw Major's bass boot camp and plan on slowly plowing through that! I know the basics of reading dots, it's just trying to get my head around some of the more complex of patterns!
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