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  1. Selling my Short Scale Reverend, just to slim down the stable. It's in pretty much mint condition even though it's been gigged a few times. The Rock Orange finish is fabulous - but now discontinued, and new ones have gone up to about £850 since I bought this one. Comes with a very decent MoJo Gig bag, and has had a recent pro set up. I won't bother with a description as its the exact same instrument that was reviewed in 2015 by Gareth Morgan of Guitar Mag, I think he says it all here. (you can check the matching serial number !) https://guitar.com/review/reverend-dub-king-bass-review/
  2. fangio

    Road Worn Jazz

    ooh ... that's a thought...
  3. fangio

    Road Worn Jazz

    Having now messed about with blending the pick ups I'm not entirely sure it's going to be worth the trouble. Nothing actually wrong with the tone off the bridge - but just not enough of it.. Might just see if I can lift that pick up a bit for a better balance.. It's just minor tweaking required I think
  4. fangio

    Road Worn Jazz

    I'd not considered that, though I'm inclined to leave the neck pick up just as it is, and I'm not a fan of adding extra components, then I'd need to know which resistor etc.. So - an interesting idea, but beyond my technical thinking. Flea bass pick ups worth investigating I think..
  5. So the recently acquired (ex Karlfer) Road Worn Jazz has now been fully fettled and wearing a fresh set of La Bella flats... I'll spare you a full review as it would need to remain dairy free. - But you all know what a Jazz sounds like and this is a nice one.. Only thoughts are on the pick ups. Neck is lovely - no issue Bridge sounding a bit weedy to my ears - whacking the gain up on the amp sorts it out - but I don't really want to be doing that - the amp settings need to work for both pick ups.. So I'm inclined to swap it out for something a bit hotter - Tone etc all fine - I just want a bit more of it. Kinda like the Lindy Fralin pick ups (been great on a Stratocaster in the past ).. But heard good things about the Fender Custom shop ones too and there's always Seymour Duncans and Dimarzios to consider. If it is going to be a Fralin then theres the 5% or 10% overwound options to think about .. Anyone any experience ?
  6. fangio

    fangio feedback

    And great to meet you too, shame we didn't have time for a longer chat.. Very pleased with the Jazz.. as soon as the La Bellas arrive it will be off to the legend that is Mick Johnson http://www.mickjohnsonguitars.com for a bit of tweaking the way I like it.. I'm fully expecting quite a bit of P*## taking from him over the Road Worn finish.. but once we've got that out of the way - i'll have another weapon in the armoury .. Thanks again Karl..
  7. fangio

    I'm Back

    So, I last appeared here in 2012 selling my Shergold Marathon Bass - to Nick I think.. (might be in the market to buy that back if I can twist his arm ! - and he still has it) At the time I hadn't gigged for years, and wasn't really keen to play alone... Migrated to 6 strings with my old Macaferri Gypsy Acoustic, then via an Epiphone Dot, subsequently upgraded to a Gibson 339, and added a Baja Tele, and American Strat... Sometime in 2016 having a drunken conversation I was persuaded to "Get the Band Back Together" - Our guitarist was '50 and anxious to gig again whilst he still could - I'd initially assumed I would be playing guitar.. but no-one else wanted to so I ended up bagging the Bass Place.. Acquired a Reverend Dub-King in Orange.. short scale - persuading myself that it was easier to swap between that and a 6 string without getting disorientated and also appropriate for my daughters small hands as she was just getting into guitars.. The Dub-King is a cool bass.. with a great variety of Tone.. still have it, and love it - though not getting played loads now. Amplification is a Mark Bass New York Combo - can't speak highly enough of this, and there's an old Rozz compressor, Boss tuner, Digitech Luxe, MXR Octave, and Mr Black FwonkBeta on my pedal board. Got back into a Standard scale bass with an American Precision - white with a maple neck (After going in to buy a high end Jazz Bass and picking up the P bass just as a comparison)... Finding the single Pick-up simplicity utterly liberating - though I do play with the tone knob a bit. Done a few gigs now as we all just got the bug again - but as we've all got day jobs - It's one big party gig a year + the odd special event - theres no appetite for regular gigging - but we are all keen to get to be better players. Whilst I've got a bit of time off before the next one I was going to experiment with Flats... What's the consensus - do these go on the Reverend - or the Fender ? And working on my "BassFace".....accused of this by my daughter... basically when I'm well into my groove, my expression looks like I'm having a stroke...apparently... though photos seem to confirm... Anyone else suffer ?
  8. Sold !..... thank you all for your interest...
  9. [quote name='mikhay77' timestamp='1327949392' post='1519333'] .Lovely bass.Gonna be cheeky.Any chance you could take some pics of the Pup and switch wiring? I need to put mine back together and lost the diagram.Damn [/quote] you know, other than removing the scratchplate and the ashstray I've never tinkered with it since I bought it...must be one of the least tampered with instruments around..... but if you're really stuck I'll see what I can do... in the meantime I seem to recall seeing some techy stuff on these on the web somehere... and there's a site that lists some of the serial no's .. probably the best place to start... G
  10. [quote name='ash' timestamp='1327949466' post='1519337'] I've had a few of these and they are very good, first decent long scale bass I owned was a Marathon MK1 with an extra Dimarzio Jazz pickup at the bridge, great neck on it. I'm interested in this where are you based? [/quote] I'm in Reading Berks...
  11. [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]Circa 1980. Handmade Shergold Marathon 4 string Bass .. - with Stereo facility. Cherry red body, Maple neck Lively Pickups. I've had this since new, played everything from Punk through Funk to trad Jazz..{Anything that paid ! }[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]It was really well gigged in the early years - and there are numerous scratches and dings on the body only.. but nothing that affects the playability. The Maple neck is in great shape and is really super slick and fast, no major fretwwear, Solid Chrome Tuners..holds it's tune fine A really good quality bass with a great action and versatile - for those looking for something just a bit different.. Battered Fender hardcase included.. [/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]Now I'm not gigging I'm playing 6 string more and this needs to go...[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]always thought the serial no was cool too..... 6667 {not quite the bass of the beast}....[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]£350....?[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]Laney Session Bassman combo needs to go too....[/size][/font][/color] [font=verdana][color=#000000][size=3]07850 000085 {please leave message if I can't answer}[/size][/color][/font] [color=#000000][font=verdana][size=3]Giles[/size][/font][/color] [attachment=98666:IMG00050-20120109-1758.jpg][attachment=98667:IMG00051-20120109-1758.jpg][attachment=98668:IMG00052-20120109-1758.jpg][attachment=98669:IMG00053-20120109-1759.jpg]
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