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  1. Up for grabs is my Musicman Stingray 5, 3-band EQ, made in 1994 This is a sad day as this bass has been with me from new and was my main bass for many years. Sadly though the classic Musicman sound is no longer what I require and this beautiful bass is sitting unused in its case :-( This bass is a real stunner and has all the growl and punch that you will ever need. The neck is one of the most comfortable i've ever played and the flame on the maple is gorgeous (see pictures)! This bass has been a work-horse over the years and as such has a few scuffs and scrapes but nothing that is detrimental to the look, sound or playability. There is one larger flesh-wound on the upper horn (shown in the photos). She has recently been set-up by the Bass Doc with a new set of D'addario strings and is in wonderful shape. Trade considerations; 70's or early 80's USA Fender Precision, Jazz or P/J Bass. MM stingray 4 string (maple neck) of equivalent (or better!) quality - some additional money either way for the right trade. Also possible trade for Aguilar / Mesa / GK rig. Try me! Bass can be shipped for £25 (UK only) or collected from Northumberland (Hexham) or Newcastle/Gateshead.
  2. Up for sale is this Schertler DYN-B pick-up and PRE-AIII Quality Swiss made pickup and preamp. DYN-B: boxed with adhesive putty included. Used but in good condition. Pre-AIII: includes carry case and power adaptor. Used but in good condition. Take the bundle for £300 or will split. £200 for the DYN-B. £100 for the Pre-AIII Trades on bass FX considered. POG and Diamond compressor needed, or good quality German bow. Try me! Pictures on request (I've reached my 20mb limit apparently) Located in Northumberland (Hexham) and often in Newcastle Gateshead Will ship at buyers expense (UK only)
  3. Up for sale is my Warwick Katana 4-string. I bought this from GAK in 2011. It has everything you would expect from a Warwick. Great build quality, versatile EQ, and a neck with no dead spots. 35" string length and an active J/J pick-up configuration make this bass cut through the mix like a Samurai sword. I guess thats why it's called a Katana! Used but in good condition other than some standard gigging wear and tear (see pictures). Selling due to lack of use. Can ship in a basic hard case for £25 (UK only) or you can collect from Northumberland (near Hexham) or from Newcastle/Gateshead. In terms of trade i'm up for looking at; Fender P, J or PJ basses (not Mexican), Aguilar Tonehammer 500 Head or Barefaced cabs (2x12 ideally). Try me!!!
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    TRADED: Warwick Katana 4-string

    TRADED - please remove
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    TRADED: Warwick Katana 4-string

    It' about to go in a part exchange deal so if you want it, make me an tasty offer before Monday! Thanks for looking ? Paul
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    TRADED: Warwick Katana 4-string

    These pictures ;-)
  7. NEW PRICE! £25 off the dyn-b (now £175) or get both for £250
  8. Sell or trade singularly for £100 each or take both for £150 Bought on a whim but turns out i'm an analog kind of guy. Very good condition, used a couple of times and back in boxes. Comes with velcro attached. Pedals located in Northumberland (Hexham) and often in Newcastle/Gateshead Will ship at buyers expense (UK only) Pictures on request (i'm at my 20mb limit) Trades on other bass pedals; POG, Diamond Compressor, Darkglass, Iron Ether - try me!
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    Naughty favourites

    I've got loads of the standard, boring, essential electric/upright pedals (compressor, preamp, eq, boost) but I need some exciting filth! What are your naughty, favourite fx that make you giggle, personalise your sound, or that you just couldn't live without?? I'll start; tc electronics trinity for bowed double bass is amazing! Sounds like like whales engaging in S&M 😉