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  1. I'll take this off your hands
  2. [quote name='FretNoMore' timestamp='1404306264' post='2491365'] [/quote] Drool!! So many nice pedals here. I've only had my empress compressor for a month or so but it's the best pedal I've ever bought. It's a 'you only notice it when it is turned off' pedal... but I don't think I'll ever play with it off again! How do you find the para Eq? A couple of venues we play have issues with certain frequencies I'm considering it for this purpose, I've been using the eq on the B3 for this purpose but I find it removes to much of the frequencies sounding the problem and it seems to suck too much bass. I don't mind the B3, but I've recently been switching it in and out of my chain live and loud at gigs and although probably too subtle for most ears I really don't like what it does to my sound even in bypass.
  3. Based on that logic I've decided to go for the Empress! ...I know! I decided to draw the size of the two pedals onto a piece of paper and sat them on top of my amp, this is going to be a turn on and leave on pedal which will sit onto of my amp next to my wireless receiver thingy. The power and jack placement works way better for me on the Empress plus it's half the size of the MB unit!
  4. How are you getting one with your Markbass Compressore? I'm going around the bend looking at compressors at the moment! I had decided upon the FEA unit, but just got an e-mail saying there is a 9-12month wait! I'm now stuck between the Empress and the Compressore. Thomann has the Markbass pedal at £140 at the mo which is very tempting!
  5. ha ha ha .. I'm a moron! *nothing to see here* It does quite clearly say "patch select" .. not patch buttons!
  6. Hello, I've been happy using various distortions and chorus effects on my B3 for over a year now, but I've just decided to muck about with some new patches. I've plugged it into my Mac downloaded the latest edit and share software.. downloaded the latest driver.. closed edit and share held down both the patch buttons and when i plug it in instead of saying "ready to update firmware" it just turns on? Any tips would be greatly received! Cheers DT
  7. A few times ... 1st time the dep. made such an improvement to the band we sacked our drummer!
  8. Superb communication and very fast postage
  9. I'll take Item 1. off your hands. Do you have Paypal? If so PM me details and I'll punt you the cash in the morning .. failing that let me know how you want payed.
  10. .. some interest ... but not enough for a quality amp at a great price *BUMP*
  11. If you can find a cheap courier I'd be happy to package it up. It's pretty light .. let me know if you need to know dimensions etc..
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