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  1. Hi folks Anyone got a lead on a gig bag to fit my pal's bass? Its 3/4 size but unusually deep front to back and has wide, high shoulders on the upper bout. My Westbury case has plenty of room for my bass which is large for a 3/4 but won't go anywhere near this one. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Late to the party here, but if it's a cheaper mic you're looking for, I've had good results with a Shure PGA98H. I paid under £100 new. It's essentially a brass mic with a clip and a goose neck. I use mine clipped onto the treble side f hole about 4" above the hole and in towards the bridge a little, alongside a superior bassworks wing transducer through an amp (sometimes D.I.'d, sometimes not and quite loud) and cab for monitoring send the mic sound straight to the mixer. I've heard the mic on it's own through a large P.A. and it sounded pretty good, full and natural for a budget mic. I'm not after using it as the main source, I just use it to give the 'air' and percussive sounds a more natural sound. It does need phantom power. We only use a snare and cymbal in the band so the volume level is fairly low and the other instrument is acoustic guitar (although that's pretty loud in the monitors) I've never tried putting the mic in the monitors but will give it a go sometime. Cheers!
  3. New, unused K and K wing and clicky pickup. Cost $178 from Gollihur. Comes with an old k and k 2 channel preamp (this is the 2 separate inputs model so a stereo to 2 mono lead would need to be made or have one of the inputs converted to a stereo), plus the original stereo cable. Also I had a stomp box preamp made which is copied from the k and k circuit but runs off a 9v pedal power adapter. This pre also allows 2 mono inputs to be used with a volume control for each channel if using 2 separate pickups. Everything £150 Stompbox pre £40 Pickup only £100 Pickup and K and k pre £120
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. If it's worth saying, it's worth saying twice. 😏
  6. I got mine in both a fiat panda and a Suzuki swift with a combo amp and PA system. I think the key is HATCHBACK all the way!
  7. I got mine in both a fiat panda and a Suzuki swift with a combo amp and PA system. I think the key is HATCHBACK all the way!
  8. Markbass SA450. Basically a Little Mark in a larger box with added parametric EQ on the high and low mids. 500 watts at 4 ohms/300 watts at 8 ohms. Great DI with pre/post eq switch and line out level on the front. 2x combination jack/speakon. Tuner out and effects send return. More details here [url="http://www.markbass.it/product_detail.php?id=66"]http://www.markbass....etail.php?id=66[/url] Bought in 2012 from Largo on BC. It’s been my main amp since except for a 6 month experiment with a Genz Shuttle 9.2. Never missed a beat. First 6 months I used it as it was and since then it’s been in a rack. There’s a few age related marks on the casing, nothing to worry about and it has been gigged but well looked after. Comes with rack ears. I don’t have the original box but it will be well packaged and sent via courier anywhere in the UK for an extra £10 insured. Moving it on as I’m upgrading to the 800w Little Mark. Thanks for looking! [attachment=233518:IMAG1856.jpg] [attachment=233519:IMAG1857.jpg] [attachment=233517:IMAG1851.jpg] [attachment=233520:IMAG1858.jpg] [attachment=233521:IMAG1859.jpg] [attachment=233522:IMAG1860.jpg] [attachment=233523:IMAG1863.jpg] [attachment=233524:IMAG1866.jpg]
  9. [quote name='Bass_Guardian' timestamp='1473765040' post='3132858'] Honestly I would like break up at a fairly low level, nothing too loud but still have a decent clean thats not too quiet. Tall order I know! [/quote] Dunno if you're still looking, I'll weigh in with my choices though. Bugera 5w valve combo 8" speaker, nice digital 'verb and crucially a GAIN and MASTER VOLUME. Most tiny home valve amps don't have this luxury. Theres 1 pre amp valve and the output section is solid state.Overdrive is lovely, natural and creamy. If you wanted a metal sound, you may need to put a boost pedal in front. I've used this amp on big festival stages in a trio (no drums obvs) with a mic in front of it, the tone is so nice. 1 tone control giving a nice range. Also, the speaker is on a jack plug so you can run the amp through a bigger speaker cab which really opens it up. I used it through a 12, amazing blues tone. Small enough to use at home. Even if you have bought something already, these are so cheap it's worth a go!
  10. Bought a Genz Shuttle from Paul, a joy to deal with. Very helpful and expertly packaged for post. Thanks Paul!
  11. Lockpicker, what was the outcome of all this? I just ordered a virtuoso yesterday and then read your post. I've been using a k and k rab for the last 10 years or so and recently changed to gut strings from rotos. Been having problems for a couple of years with the balance of string volume, odd harmonics on open strings etc. how does the hurley sound? It was recommended highly to me by a friend in the states who's a pro upright player in a blues combo. Are you using a pre amp with it? Looking forward to hearing back....
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