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  1. OK so I made the big purchase of a P7 Version 2 from Andertons along with a Rumble 100. The variation of sound is quite massive and its certainly a nice bit of kit. I tried a MIM P Bass and while lighter I prefered the narrower neck on the P7. Now to get practising :) Thx for all the support, Matt
  2. Previously I had a Ray34 which was great BUT I always had a cravin for a P bass but with an active sound option. I really wanted a Fender Deluxe P bass BUT they don't offer this in left handed - like a selfish lover!!! A few shops suggested the Sire P7 version 2. Before I trade in an acoustic bass and buy this please advise what other options I should consider... It seems there is not a lot of love for Sire here OR is it because of brand snobbery? Please thro and ideas / comments in the mix please....Also will be looking for decent combo... Help please! ATB Matt
  3. PRICE DROP - £180.........this guitar still has the tags on it....like new! Max 07967 961 547
  4. Any interest on this guitar...it still has tags on it!! Offers? Thx Max
  5. Bought by the Mrs for crimbo pressie...brand new...still has labels on it! Realised quickly that acoustic is not for me....great sound all the same. Has the preamp built inside body. I believe the wife paid in excess of 400 from Cranes Cardiff. The asking price is a steal for somebody looking for a lefty acoustic...the reviews on this are excellent. I travel M4 corridor weekly so no problem to meet..... Max 07967961547
  6. Hi All, just bought a Tanglewood TW155............ What tuner would you recommend? Thx M
  7. This is the ME50B specific bass model in pretty much mint condition with aluminium flight case....... I see your in Wales.....I'm ear Chepstow I you wan to checkout....pretty much flawless Please phone on 07967961547 , Max
  8. All sold to a very nicr fellow BCer...enjoy!
  9. Thank you......I have four very interested BC'ers and hopefully should sell tonight! These are like rockin horse poop..not like the common 1212'
  10. Anybody? Sold all my gear...this me50 comes aluminium flight case..mint condition? Will take a sensible off!
  11. In fairness ive only ever used in house...the one thing i can confirm.is that it sounded much better with my streamliner rather than neox 2x12... I have three people after it currently so im expecting sale on next couple of days..
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