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  1. Thx guys - my setup is purely for stage sound - the foh is DI from the amp which is set flat as my Sadowsky NYC provides a nice sound on its own. I know that some amps/speaker combos are just not optimal so good to hear mine is not wide of the mark - still got a 1x15-2x10-horn TE setup which blows it away though at least in terms of warmth and drive.....
  2. Thanks for the comments - interesting. For my part it looks and sounds wonderful but the Sadowsky NYC is the bass I keep picking up (and gigging) - it’s nowhere near as pretty but just seems “right” - will probably list the Suhr in the coming weeks unless I have a change of heart - I think the Sad is a different thing and justcduits me better....
  3. Hi, Current gig is a 10piece soul/funk outfit only need amp for stage sound as we are lucky enough to have a pro-level HK rig with engineer etc. In the past I used old school UK TE for years from 1x15 through 2x10 to 8x10 and everything in-between, 200w combos to RAH600SMX. Last year I decided to go lightweight and bought a TH500 and a couple of Barefaced BB2 (Gen3) - interested in whether or not this setup could be bettered for the material I am doing - overall happy with the sound/tone although unsurprisingly the TH does not have the headroom of the old TE amps (imho) - I only really notice this on the few tracks that require percussive (slap) playing. Guitar is usually Sadowsky NYC Jazz or Suhr Jazz through a Sadowsky preamp-pedal. Thanks for any views etc.... Cheers, Kevin
  4. All, I bought a nearly new Firemist (Shoreline) Gold Suhr passive J about 6 years ago - don’t realky look at the market much but imho this is the finest 60s feel passive J I have played - I did a back to back with a ‘64 at the Gallery and the Suhr was as good if not better. Surprised that they can be bought new for £2k - does the market not like/understand them? I also have NYC Sadowsky, American F Jazz etc so have done basis for comparison. Interested to hear views.... Thx, Kevin
  5. [quote name='Oldman' timestamp='1385086144' post='2284422'] Where are you geographically? [/quote] Chester, Cheshire.
  6. Bump before I cart the bass off to a dealer to sell.....
  7. getting feedback that this is heavy - doesn't feel heavy to me, about right for what is it I would say - views?
  8. A few people have asked me for the weight of the bass - it is 11.25lbs
  9. [quote name='Satrugar' timestamp='1383654029' post='2267007'] The neck is definitely Ovangkol, as you can see on the pics. Fingerboard should be (and looks like) ebony, it's standard on Warwick fretless basses. [/quote] Thanks for the clarification - I mainly play Sadowsky/Suhr and am unused to these exotic woods :-) the thumb does sound gorgeous though so they must make a difference.....
  10. [quote name='Eboclive' timestamp='1383522593' post='2265548'] Nice looking bass. Can you tell me some specs? What is the body and neck wood? I presume the fingerboard is ebony? Cheers. [/quote] The body is Bubinga and the neck is Wenge I think - not sure on the board but ebony would be my guess. Its a 2003 model so hopefully Warwick could give you chapter and verse - the serial number is D-098957-03 Already have some interest via PM on the bass just so you know.....
  11. I have a mint thumb 5 nech thru fretless for sale on this forum, may be interested in a trade with cash my way.....
  12. Kev, I have a mint thumb 5 nt for sale on this forum, this is so gerogeous I would be happy to discuss a possible trade if you were interested? Thx, another Kev!
  13. For Sale, a beautiful Thumb 5 through neck unlined fretless. New retail on this bass is around £4k - looking for £1250 no trades or offers please this is a bargain imho. Totally unmarked and as-new aside from some very light string marking on the neck. Sold with Warwick flight case whic is mint aside from two nicks in the vinyl on the top surface. email me for hi res pix if required. many thanks, Kevin
  14. [quote name='binkybongo' timestamp='1380581363' post='2227560'] Bump for a stunning instrument [/quote] Thanks Bill, I now have a forum member very interested in the bass so the bump is much appreciated :-)
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