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  1. 9 minutes ago, jrixn1 said:

    No doubt run in good faith, but they should confirm if it's legal etc as there are various rules.  E.g. "people can genuinely choose to take part without paying" https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Safer-gambling/Consumer-guides/Running-prize-competitions-and-free-draws.aspx

    Tricky one raffles.  They are running it to benefit a registered charity so they should be ok.  Fairly sure if it's run online they need to register with their local authority.  Could easily be wrong though. 

    Tempting to enter regardless.

  2. On 28/10/2020 at 22:57, 40hz said:

    Does this particular range have a period correct pickup? I'm amazed by its ability to have an inherent 'thickness' to the sound that never descends into mud.

    It's the old version of the American Standard Pickup, just called American Standard Pickup.  I think they changed the Am Std P Bass pickups to the 62 version but kept the 'Am Std' pickup for the special run Mex basses (Classic 50, Roadworn, etc).

    I have the honey one, which like yours is fantastically light.  So light I put resolite tuners on it so it balances better.  That changed the tone a huge amount actually, much brighter, I have to roll off 1/4 turn of tone to get the pre tuner change tone.

    I also changed the pickup to the SD SPB1, but that's just to get a certain sound.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Baloney Balderdash said:

    I bought the Zoom G1 Four, as it got a few more modulation models, and I believe a few more reverb and delay models as well, compared to the B1 Four.

    I noticed that as well.  Then again I already have a few options for those on my board, when I'm done travelling, so I probably shouldn't get greedy.

  4. 1 hour ago, Al Krow said:

    Zoom B1-4 is IMO the best value bass pedal available from any manufacturer, full stop!

    Multifx, tuner, drum machine, headphone amp (and a pants looper).

    I like mine so much, I've got one on my board and a spare for my gig bag. 

    I agree, it's 60 quid in most places now,  so my order is going in this weekend.

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  5. 28 minutes ago, dave_bass5 said:

    Ah, in that case yes, go for the dominant instrument. Thats pretty much what i was doing. A bit of guitar evert now and then worked fine through the B1. 

    The only thing I will say is,  if you are using a sim of a pedal that doesn't  have a clean blend, then its going to be more authentic. A few people  make a big deal out of the lack of clean blends in pedal sims, but are happy with the real thing not having them. I’m sure most of us using small pedal boards don’t run parallel clean paths etc, and yet its a deal breaker when a sim doesnt have it. Cant quite see the logic there, but each to their own. 

    You can download the manuals of each to see exactly what parameters and FX each has. 

    Actually I was just talking about the G1 when it comes to clean blends.  I find a lot of guitar effects, especially drives will sound good on bass if they have a clean blend.  Not so worried with the B1. 

    I did also download both sets of manuals to check out the parameters.  But basically I didn't like the sound of the G1 much at all,  so that solved the problem.

  6. Bit of a scout round,  most of the G1 effects don't have a clean blend, plus,  I don't like how it sounds in the demos.  Maybe I've been a bit spoilt with tube combos.

    But... the B1 sounds pretty good in the demos, so I think I'll go for that seeing as I'll be playing bass 80% of the time.

  7. 6 minutes ago, dave_bass5 said:

    I’d get the guitar version. Guitars seem more fussy about effects. I’ve used my B1-Four with both and it worked ok, but I wast the too happy with the amps and drives for guitar. 
    With bass most things will work, unless you are looking for specific sounds. 

    Thanks,  that's what I was thinking.   I'll have to check out the G1 effects list to see if they have a clean blend.

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  8. Thread resurrection!

    I'm going to be living out of a suitcase for a while and need a headphone amp.  I'd like one box for both Guitar and Bass though.  The B1 or G1 looks to be the best solution for the price.

    Can you load Guitar patches onto the B1-Four?


  9. I ran my guitar into my Walkabout (at home) for a while.  It's sound could best be described as 'jazz guitar'.

    I assume Mr Homme is using ampeg valve amps but maybe not with bass cabs?  Seems to be a lot more cross over with valve amps, with fender bassman, hiwatt and marshalls all being used for both.

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  10. 54 minutes ago, Leonard Smalls said:

    I used to devour (not literally, obvs) Sounds, then Melody Maker and NME from the age of about 14... I discovered all sorts of bands I'd never get the chance of seeing (being in Chester) so I wrote them all over my school bag instead.

    So I was very happy indeed when we got some reviews - none of them bad, unfortunately... Here's one from 1991, it's not even flowery in its prose!


    You are in exalted company, he trashed Faith No More as well.  Absolute verbal diarrhea.



  11. 17 hours ago, skidder652003 said:

    Garageband isn't a video editor. As far as I can tell you can only load a video and then add sound to it (from garageband). You can't edit the actual video, ie cut scenes, add transitions, have multiple camera timelines etc.  For that you need a dedicated video editing program like adobe premiere pro, Final cut or, as I use, Da Vinci Resolve (which is free). The advantage of Da Vinci Resolve as well as being free is that it also has it's own built in DAW called Fairlight should you wish to use it, it even lets you load in your own VST plug-ins. It's head and shoulders the best free video editor out there and I've tried loads. Personally, I do my audio capture with Garageband, mix the audio in Reaper and then transfer to Da Vinci Resolve, it sounds a hassle but it really isn't, everything gets saved on a usb stick anyway and it's just a question of loading from there in each program.

    I'm probably getting confused about garageband, it's a while since I used it,  it seemed to be a lot quicker than my pc method.  I use ableton for audio and premiere for video.  It all just seems over the top and slow for my needs.

    I'll take a look at davinci.

  12. On 16/10/2020 at 17:16, Al Krow said:

    When working out what you're going for, worth considering a DAW that also has decent video editing capability as well as sound editing, and do away with the need for a separate video editing package. 

    Out of interest, what daw are you using for sound and video editing?

    I'd like to be able to record audio and video at the same time without endless syncing issues and cutting and pasting between daw and video editor.  Garageband is the only one I've seen that does it quickly and easily but I dont have access to a decent mac.

  13. Just an update.  I saw a Boss RC10R going for a good price and impulse purchased it... whoops.

    It turns out its actually just what I need, although probably the donner circle looper above would have worked too.

    Only had a quick play so far, but pretty intuitive and it will make a fantastic practice tool for guitar and bass.

  14. 1 hour ago, songofthewind said:

    Boss RC-300 can be had for about £300, which is dear, but it has VERY comprehensive stereo routing features. Plus it has a very useable rhythm function.

    Being a total looper newb I really want to start out with something reasonably cheap and simple without too much of a learning curve.

  15. 18 minutes ago, skidder652003 said:

    jamman stereo is pretty good but the drum tracks are a bit limited

    I had a NUX loop core which was pretty good for the money (drum tracks as well)


    I've been interested in those but was under the impression they weren't stereo ie you couldn't have a different instrument running out of each channel, it was more two outputs and bring while to send the rhythm track only to a mixer.

    It's that right?

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