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  1. any interest in an American Jazz Deluxe 5 String ?? (even though I know it says no trades lol)
  2. I presume so another 5 string trade is out of the question !
  3. I owned the other one and whereas I loved the Rosewood board, Im not in the slightest disappointed we didn't finalize the deal...LOL Ah, first world problems 😎
  4. can I just say, I owned this bass for about 2 days, and its even better looking AND sounding than the pics show !! Someone should be snapping this up bigtime !
  5. Hi, would you be interested in taking 1 or maybe 2 Basses in trade from me ? Both are G&L Tributes One is a JB2 and the other is an L2000 with a drop D tuner installed ?
  6. For what its worth...I had a G&L L2000 Tribute and I loved it except i thought the neck was very wide.I ended up getting an G&L L2500 and I have to say I find the neck far more comfortable than the 4 string !!! I would recommend trying out a G&L L2500 tribute , I think you'll be pleasantly surprised
  7. Im very easy to please....... Im GASsing for a Vintage Musicman Stingray, complete with foam mute bridge..... Fairly easy to aquire but cash is a very limited option at the minute....thanks kids,lol........and doenst seem like anyone likes to trade unless its miles upwards.; Oh well, hopefully someone is looking to trade a MM for an American Jazz with some cash or gear thrown in !
  8. Hi, greetings from Dublin Have just picked up my trusty Fender Precision Lyte again after the guts of 14 years cant wait to get back into a decent covers band before going back down the hard hard route of "original" material anyways, am delighted to be here, have found LOADS of useful info already cheers
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