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  1. At the moment they are more than the new!
  2. Im torn on this guitar. I'm a big mayer fan but I'm not convinced on the PRS strat. Also the signature series can be such a bind. I was stuck with a Clapton strat for years, it was great to play but far harder to sell. I'd be worried about buying in at Les Paul level for a strat. And you've got to be hard pushed to take a second hand PRS over a 70s strat or two really nice strat plus dulexs. Is is it too pricey? Am I better off waiting until mayer moves to Ernie Ball and then getting a signature silhouette?!
  3. It looks like there is a jack socket on the base, is it electro acoustic?
  4. If it doesn't make it in time I'll have it off you when you get back!
  5. Wow- reading this thread is a full time job!! just a quick answer on this one hopefully... my Aux send from my desk, split into stereo, into headphone amp, into PM1 but only get mono (one headphone working) the output from the headphone amp is a jack, so I have a jack/XLR converter which is MONO. If I change this to Stereo will this resolve my one ear issue? Or is the XLR destined to send mono regardless of the input? Is it easier to get a mono/Stereo adapter the headphone side of the PM1?
  6. Just bought some subs from Mike. The man is a superstar and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him. Purchased goods in better condition than described!
  7. wow. this looks like a time machine.
  8. replies sent. BTW - the aerodyne I've been offered by adam83 looks lush if anyones looking for one!
  9. No one will buy my genz, Its driving me round the bend, Why not have 900 watts? Its more than what you've got! At only five hundred quid, Not to buy you must be stupid. Roll up, roll up, Buy this lovely amp!
  10. tempted by the jazz. have you got any pics?
  11. will throw in a very handy carry case... and a copy of the Thanet Times (local freepaper) £0.50 where sold.
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