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  1. [quote name='JamesBass' timestamp='1367956754' post='2071646'] I'm currently using an Ashdown EB-180 combo, it's not good, it's not good enough anymore, I used to love it sounded great, it's now about 4 years old I think! The sound is fairly crappy, each week it seems to jump from wooly to a much honkier tone, I don't hate it by no means, just want to move it on and get a new amp, I'd consider a better Ashdown, there has to be a reason that their valve amps retail at near on £2k! [/quote] Try an ABM 500. You could pick a used one up on ebay for around £300. I don't think you'd regret it.
  2. Comical attempts at marketing?
  3. http://www.guitarmagazine.co.uk/features/the-only-way-is-essex-the-ashdown-story/ Says here they don't pay out for artist endorsements.
  4. Thanks for constructive feedback people. As far as I'm aware though, Ashdown don't offer artist endorsements.
  5. [size=4]Why do there seem to be so many Ashdown haters on here? I own an ABM 500 EVO head and ABM cab and find the tone awesome, so do the rest of my band, audiences and sound engineers at venues I've played. It gives me a great, powerful bottom end, bone crushing tone, blendable overdrive and great flexibility.[/size] [size=4]If Ashdown gear was 'wooly' 'marmite like' 'average' or 'disappointing' as I've read on here, why would bassists like Nate Mendel, John Entwhistle, Mark King, James Johnston, Adam Clayton, Pino Palladino and Guy Pratt buy it themselves to use on stage? I've read lots of disrespectful comments also in these forums calling the company 'Crashdown' and many other silly names by people who can only base their judgements on using battered MAG series amps rented from rehearsal rooms.[/size] [size=4]Ashdown are a British company who make great equipment. They also have awesome after sales service. Call or email them and you'll be able to speak to someone who built or designed your amp, if not the owner of the company himself.[/size] [size=4]That's my two penneth worth about the maker of my gear! Obviously people will disagree but please make sure your criticism is based on worthwhile evidence. I rented an Orange AD 200 B from a rehearsal studio once but had to swap it for a 60 watt combo halfway through the session. sh*t amp? No, just unloved, never serviced or realved and probably battered for thousands of hours every year.[/size] [size=4]Thanks for reading, Dave.[/size]
  6. It'll be very good mate. Awesome bottom end and a great tone. Look at Ashdown's site for a list of uses that buy their own gear from Ashdown. Great company too, you can call or email them and have a response from either the owner or the guy that built your amp.
  7. [size=4]Hi there, I'm selling this cab as it was bought for an AC/DC tribute band that has since split up. I bought it new last June from PMT Music in Bristol at a cost of £950. It sounds awesome and is surprisingly easy to transport, due to the carry handle and wheels. [/size] [size=4]It has been used at approximately 15 gigs and rehearsals and has never been pushed due to it always being used with an Ashdown ABM 500 head, which runs at 600 watts in 4 ohms.[/size] [size=4]There are some marks and scrathes on the cab. These are only cosmetic and the more battered these cabs get the cooler they look.[/size] [size=4]The ideal buy for anyone looking for a massive, air moving sound that only a cab like this can create.[/size] [size=4]I'm based in Barry and welcome any tryouts.[/size] [size=4]This is basically a new cab, apart from the minor cosmetic damage. It has been well looked after, spending most of its short life in a Rocksolid cover (not included in sale sorry)[/size] [size=4]Thanks for reading and cheers, Dave.[/size] Reduced to 550 [size=4][attachment=133680:IMAG0169.jpg][/size] [size=4][attachment=133682:IMAG0167.jpg][/size] [size=4][attachment=133683:IMAG0168.jpg][/size] [size=4][attachment=133684:IMAG0170.jpg][/size] [size=4][attachment=133685:IMAG0171.jpg][/size] [size=4][attachment=133686:IMAG0173.jpg][/size]
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1338243091' post='1671634'] No. It's an opinion as clearly stated. [/quote] OK, so if I write IMO or IME after everything I write, it makes it ok then? What he has written is misguided and probably based on very little experience. That's the problem with this site. People could be listening to the advice of people who have sh*t gear and think they sound good.
  10. Do an A/B test with an all valve amp and a hybrid with a valve in the preamp and you'll see the massive difference. Come on guys. I know solid state amps are cheaper, lighter and cost less to mantain but please don't tell me they sound better! Perhaps some people are trying to convince themselves.
  11. [quote name='BB3000S' timestamp='1338241586' post='1671602'] Preamp - yes tubes are definitely a good thing. Power amp - not so much a necessity. IMO, YMMV and so on. [/quote] Rubbish!
  12. There's a lot of people on here who don't like all valve bass amps. In my opinion they piss all over everything else out there. Try an Ampeg Classic or SVT 2 Pro and you shouldn't need anything else ever. How do I know? I sold one cos I got sick of the weight and size of it, scoured the earth trying to find something that came close, failed and bought another one. Never again! IMO an all valve amp gives you something that all other amps try (unsuccesfully) to imitate. Sorry to all the valve haters!
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