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  1. Bought a leather strap from Vinorange.Highly recommended BC'er.Thanks,Vin
  2. Bought Chord IEM from Dunc.Easy comms,great BC'er.Will deal again with no hesitation..Thanks,mate..
  3. Bought a bass from Guillaume and everything went smooth and easy..Highly recommended Basschatter.Thanks,mate..
  4. ipg

    Feedback for Bleat

    Bought a strap from James.Great comms,bulletproof packaging (even for a strap..)Thanks again, James
  5. ipg

    Feedback for Roceci

    Bought a Smooth hound wireless from Joe..Perfect deal,great Basschatter..
  6. Bought a pickup from Tony..Great comms,will deal with him again with no hesitation.Thanks,mate..Ilian
  7. ipg

    Feedback for JohnR

    Bought a tuner from John..Everything is OK,will deal again with him with no hesitation..Thanks..
  8. ipg


    Bought a pickup from Joe.Great comms,highly recommended BC'er..Thanks,Joe..
  9. ipg

    Bassdude BE

    Bought a Markbass combo from Donovan..Fast shipping,great comms.Really nice BC'er..Will deal again with no hesitation..Thanks,mate
  10. Bought a pair Celestions from Chris..Great comms,he was very friendly..Nice guy to do business with.Thanks,again
  11. Bought extender dtuner from Andrew.Great BC'er,highly recommended.Will deal again with pleasure..
  12. Bought a wireless from James..Great comms, everything is fine.Will deal again with pleasure..Thanks,James
  13. ipg

    Oldman Feedback

    Bought a Mackie monitor from Brian..Great comms,real gent,highly recommended..
  14. Bought a drum machine from Chris.Great communications,highly recommended.Thanks
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