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  1. I've got one of those and it's absolutely brilliant. Best gig bag I've ever used. I've got a review on that page too!
  2. Only album from this year that I've bought is Clutch - Psychic Warfare. Marvellous stuff, although I do love 'em!
  3. I use an EHX pitchfork and it does the job well enough for me. We do 6 songs in Drop D and there's no noticeable difference in sound when I use it. I think it's a great bit of kit.
  4. I use a TU-3 Tuner, EHX Pitchfork for drop tuned songs and EXH Nano Bass Muff for the fuzzy goodness. Used to use a pedalboard but to save stage space I sit them on top of my amp.
  5. I joined the band just before last Christmas and our drummer joined soon afterwards. We've not had a cross word yet. It's almost more of a group of five mates who occasionally play music. Musically, everyone's ideas are valid and no one gets the hump when an idea is bad. We socialise a lot and the banter is bordering on offensive however, we all have a similar sense of humour, nobody takes anything to heart. This really comes across in our stageshow. We've had lots of comments on how we're all having a great time on stage, which we are. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that we're all in our 40s and, like many of you, have had those silly experiences with fragile egos. We just want to play rock music and put on a great show.
  6. Played a village hall last night. We'd been asked to go on at 8:45PM despite the rugby being on. Had a fairly entertaining evening ourselves despite the place having a pretty low turnout. Not sure we'll be back there again as apparently a heavy rock band are a bit heavy for them... despite the fact that the few folks who were there did get up on the dancefloor! Highlight of the night was two women having a wild screaming fit at each other, coming close to fisticuffs as we were packing up. It's nice to get entertained back.
  7. SOLD! Near mint condition EHX Bass Big Muff Pi. Only used for six gigs over three months. Feet removed and velcro added to bottom. Original box and manual included. Free postage.
  8. Nice one! Loving that tune, Clutch are ace.
  9. It always goes down well in our set too. Interesting...
  10. 20W Peavey Microbass. Always been fine for me. Sits upstairs in the bedroom and I'll noodle away while everyone's downstairs watching TV.
  11. My wife, by her own admission, is not a massive music fan. She liked pop stuff like Boyzone, Britney Spears, etc when we met. My influence has helped and nowadays she likes Muse, Iron Maiden, Clutch and even the odd one from Mastodon. She likes a bit of Zep as well. Might see if she'll embrace Rush over the next few years...
  12. First time in a new venue for us. Great pub, nice area for the band to set up. Enough room for the five of us with all our gear and a bit of wiggle room too. Not a huge turnout as apparently a lot of their regulars were away at Download. Debuted my Morpheus drop tune pedal in our drop tuned section. It's got a slight underwatery sound on it but that's mainly lost in the mix so I'm happy with it. Set went down very well, had the place bouncing but there was that one, drunk, overenthusiastic wannabe... "Can I sing one?" "You should let me do your backing vocals" "I sang that at my birthday you should let me sing it" He even grabbed my mic at one point and I had to politely advise him to never do that again and to step away from it, which he duly obliged. Booked in for a couple more there, looking forward to them.
  13. I'd love to even them up. There is definitely a nicer feel when playing the Gibson but the sound isn't quite as good... which really annoys me given their costs!
  14. I've got a 2013 Gibson and an Epiphone Pro IV and I find it's a much punchier sound from my Epi. The biggest thing for me though is the change in volume. I've found my Epi is remarkably louder. The pickups are in a slightly different spot on the Epi; a little closer to the bridge so that probably helps with the brightness.
  15. I am far too childish... sorry.
  16. I've also started playing a lot more fingerstyle but still prefer playing some songs with a pick. My playing volumes have been matched by changing the guage of my pick. Could be worth a try. John Paul Jones uses both so that's good enough for me.
  17. Wish I'd noticed this before! Are we too late? [url="https://www.facebook.com/afterburneruk"]https://www.facebook.com/afterburneruk[/url] Looks like I've got a lot of clicking to do!
  18. Sweet Child O' Mine. There was a huge cheer as soon as the first few notes of the intro played. Rock & Roll went down a stormer too.
  19. Oohhh, that's so nice! I want one, I want one, I want one!!!
  20. [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1419808366' post='2642940'] I haven't played that at a gig for 27 years! [/quote]Maybe you should get it back in the setlist, it's a great tune. I noticed someone else had put it up and I know another band that's played it. Perhaps it's more of a regular unexpected track, if that makes any sense.
  21. Here's the new setup. Huge changes, eh? I'm so crazy... MIJ Jazz, MB Tube 800, MB New York 122
  22. The Trooper Dani California Sweet Child of Mine Back in Black Knockin' on Heaven's Door Smells Like Teen Spirit All My Life
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