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  1. 3 hours ago, sammybee said:


    It's not about the number of sounds, it's about the few that it does do, authentically - which samples, and any Roland gear post 1985 fail to do.

    So much this.  It's my experience of using samples generally.  The amount of time that auditioning hundreds to find one that makes you go 'ooh'. 

  2. On 28/09/2016 at 19:07, 1976fenderhead said:

    I have a Squier Vintage Modified V which I bought here long ago and is my spare bass. I love it, beautifully made. It's been set up by the bass Gallery and it feels well set tup to me. My main issue with it is that it's a very bright bass (maple body probably the cause) and the sound of strings hitting the frets when I press them is too loud! I don't mean fret buzz, I mean the 'clack' when I press a string and it hits the fret above and below. My main bass, a MIA Fender Jazz Deluxe is nearly completely silent in that regard by comparison. It's quite distracting. The strings are Fender nickel, not exactly known for being bright and which I've used many times on my main bass with no problems.

    So what could I change in the bass to stop this noise being so loud? Pickups? Pickup height? Anything else?

    It's a direct consequence of two things: 
    1) The neck is made from very stiff maple...possibly too stiff (it happens).
    2) The neck pocket may also be well designed, making for an overall rigid and vibrant structure
    3) The maple body may be too dense

    I'd put money on it probably being number three given the other aspects can be applied to other Fender Jazz basses which don't have the issues you describe.  Using maple isn't always bad but it's very variable and for the cheaper models manufacturers will be less discerning in the wood they use.  I have an all maple Spector and a strat with a maple body and both are fine instruments.  But they use soft maple, not rock maple.  Here are some suggestions: 

    1) If you don't need to slap, try half wound strings. 
    2) You could try putting a veneer of softer wood like mahogany under the bridge.  This will loosen the acoustic coupling between the strings and instrument, making it less efficient at transferring (dampening) higher and lower frequencies.  You'll  need to adjust the string height to compensate for the raised bridge so if you like super low action it might not be feasible.
    3) You could replace the bridge with something more vintage in design, for example bent steel rather than cast for example.  The lower mass will transmit string energy less efficiently.
    4) You could also install Bartolini 'darker' flavoured pickups and use a SWR SM400 amp to sweeten things up a bit (this combo is great with bright graphite necks in my experience).

  3. Yeah I know.  BUT it's a great dance track and I'm surprised it took them so long to do one.  In some ways I think they missed their calling in the noughties, more tracks like this this could have kept them relevant.  However, admittedly,  it's not exactly had the music press raving. 

  4. On 25/05/2021 at 04:21, pete.young said:

    Yet more evidence to support my contention that Norton is a worthless heap of junk. I certainly wouldn't pay money for it when there are many better free alternatives.

    I wish Symantec was easier to uninstall than it is.  In some cases, you need to download a special tool from an independent supplier to free the PC from the clutches of it's code.  A bit like a virus. 

    Kaspersky is leagues better.

  5. 5 hours ago, BillyHunt said:

    I'm curious how he gets this tone. Is it the voicing of the bass plus his technique or is he using some sort of effect?

    Mostly wood plus bridge single coil pickup.  The bass is almost entirely made from mahogany and I believe the fingerboard is some kind of composite or resin unless that's one of the originals, in which case it'll be rosewood.  The single coil pickup adds some focus.

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  6. 2 hours ago, LukeFRC said:

    I think John Shuker is great, but about 10 years back EVERYONE on here seemed to own one of his bases

    We still do,  mainly because they were fantastic value

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  7. I've not owned one but I've played through a couple.  The light weight is a revelation.  I'm not convinced on the cabs being transparent tonally, I can hear differences in the high end but Alex definitely maximises efficiency and the tonal differences between BF cabs and alternatives are not going to add up to much in the on stage mix.  I don't own one because Alex has never been keen on tilt back cabs. I like tilt back because it helps to avoid most of my monitoring blasting past my knees.

  8. 22 minutes ago, SumOne said:


    I've used DAWs a lot over they years (Reason, Logic, Cubase, Ableton, Reaper, Cakewalk), they are definitely the best value for money (some are free, or free trials)  but I'm not finding them very inspiring for the earlier stages of developing tunes/jamming/creating rhythms/editing and playing along to with Bass so am looking to go back to hardware - years ago I had an MC505 which was good for making electronic stuff but now I'm more keen on live sounding drums for Funk and Dub/Reggae so want something that can play sampled drum hits. 

    An MPC looks ideal but is about double my budget so I've gone and bought the Elektron Model:Samples (£251) so will be able to let you know what I think of that in a few days.

    I'm thinking something similar.  By the time everything's set up and trouble shot, I've lost the inspiration. Tascam digital workstations are interesting me atm too but a drum box that can play slightly ahead and behind the best would be great. 

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  9. On 20/03/2021 at 22:25, Cosmo Valdemar said:

    It's not made anymore but they pop up on Ebay from time to time.

    It's a preamp, designed to emulate an old Hiwatt. It's not a specific guitar or bass pedal - it's designed to work with both. I've used it as a bass preamp for years and it's much more to my taste than the VT Bass.


    How about this? 

  10. 42 minutes ago, BassTool said:

    I've just put up a renovation thread for my headless

    This is my 1985 Westone Superheadless that's been modified by me. I got Wizard to make me some custom pups and married them up to a Nordstrand preamp with Vol/pull passive, pan pot, B/M/T, twin midrange pullpot selector.

    It's battle scarred, but was my go to bass for a long time. A Christmas present from my wife, it'll never be sold by me, certainly not for £30 @Bassassin   😆


    I remember playing one of those back in the 80's in a local music shop.  I'd never seen one before and, not being a fan of Westone at all as an owner, I was very impressed with how it sounded and played.  It made me question even more the POS Westone I had at the time.

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  11. 6 hours ago, nobodysprefect said:

    I dunno man, he has a fair number of pretty fine moments.

    TBH, I find it more interesting to compare him and Justin Raines. Same generation, very different players
    Justin's just so exuberant!

    Well we're all going to hold our own opinions but when that boy was in the pocket live, he was letting it all hang out.  In the studio he seems a little more reserved.

    Speaking of balancing restraint vs expression.  This guy is chill but his fingers are doing the talking. 


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  12. 4 hours ago, Al Krow said:

    Tbf, in your defence, you may not have heard about what's actually happening in China given the free flow of internet access you enjoy over there. In which case, don't worry, it's all fine.

    In my defence I think generally it's a good idea to put what we hear in mass media in the correct context. Context often gets forgotten by journalists in the interests of headline grabbing. 

    Im not going to defend any country that has committed genocide. Neither the US nor China probably have a right to claim the moral high ground on that matter. The US has supported genocide in Guatemala,  covertly in Rwanda, the Biafra war in Nicaragua to name a few. It's also failed to denounce the genocide in Aleppo,  Bosnia, Bangladesh and it gave shelter to Nazi war criminals after WW2 in central America.  I have a friend with contacts in Xinjiang, they say it's an anti terrorism initiative.  But I'm fairly confident that might not be the whole truth.

    Speaking of which, I recommend reading How The World Works by Noam Chomsky.  It's an enlightening summary of the US post war strategy for global economic domination, supported by plenty of  references to public record.  I think it puts US foreign policy and notions of democracy in the correct geo political context.  

    There, I believe that's three paragraphs. 


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  13. 1 minute ago, Al Krow said:

    Good luck on that one. If you can cover off genocide while you're at it, that would be good.

    Very well...the Chinese aren't interested in teaching anyone about "democracy".  The Chinese don't have democracy,  they are socio-capitalists. 

    But what kind of democracy are you referring to?   The US kind?  The Greek kind?  . 

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