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  1. Anyone out there able to source parts for and build a seven button footswitch?  I have the schematic but wouldn't know where to begin...

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    2. Kiwi


      It's just channel and effects loop switching for a preamp.  

    3. bobbass4k


      Ahh, should be easy enough, if you wanna PM the schematic over I can have a look.

    4. Rich


      Bob beat me to it, I was about to say 'PM me the schematic' :lol:

      In fact, sod it, send it to me anyway. 

  2. After months of mucking about on guitar because it was more interesting, I picked up one of my basses this evening and played.  It was so much more satisfying.  I'll always be a bass player.

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    2. AinsleyWalker


      I started on guitar as a teenager and moved over to focusing mostly on bass after about a year or so, now I almost never play guitar. When I go back to guitar my instincts are so off 

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      I have a guitar myself..... and I rarely play it at all, mostly due to lack of time
      It's always handy to play a bit of guitar, and useful for bass players to know a few chords at least

      My own impression of a guitarist is also pretty bad lol ;) 

    4. Nibody


      After a visit to an old friends house and playing with his rather nice collection (Fenders, Gretsch's, Jacksons and a Brian May Red Special) I ended up tempted and got an Epiphone Les Paul Trad Pro 2 and a Gothic Epiphone SG. Its fun to bang out a few AC/DC chords. Doubt it will go to performance stage though - started on bass, and an old dog only learns so many new tricks.

  3. Dad band. Probably most of us know this situation or one similar.


    1. Paul S
    2. SpondonBassed


      Dad banned.  So there.



  4. Attn guitarists:  My Fender Concert II is advertised for sale:
    Rivera era, last of the hand wired point to point jobbies.  Fabulous sounding but too loud for my needs!

  5. The Mandelorian: It's brilliant, really brings the wider Star Wars universe to life. All those incidental characters in the movies get more air time rather than just being links between plot points.

    1. SpondonBassed


      A bit like The Mandalorian then.  Heeheehee.

      I looked it up because, at first, I thought you were talking about a sci-fi version of a mandolin or summat.

  6. FFS, I went in for a replacement filling and after 2.5 hours came away with prep for two crowns (prepaid).  I hate it when events deviate from the plan.

    1. prowla


      It's called upselling...

    2. Kiwi


      Hah, I paid for them in 2016 because my back teeth are basically crumbling due to stress grinding in my sleep and very tall cusps.  It wasn't urgent work but since I was there and they had been paid for...urgh.

  7. Today I discovered Marc Cerrone.  One of the most influential disco drummers to have ever lived.  And I'm wondering how the hell had I not heard of him before now...he's a groove beast!

  8. Is there a manufacturer who has or still makes self biasing valve bass amps?  The nearest amp tech to me lives in Hong Kong...700km away.

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    2. Kiwi


      I remember Traynor did one with LED bias indicators on the back.

    3. LukeFRC


      didn't Behringer?


    4. Beer of the Bass

      Beer of the Bass

      The Ampeg PF50T also has user-adjustable bias with LED indicators.  Not exactly self-biasing, but very user friendly.

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