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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. How do folks, I'm just getting back into playing. I've had this bass for a good few years and was wondering if anyone has any info on it. Thanks in advance
  3. pms replyed sorry for delay
  4. still up for grabs!!!! guessing no1 wants to trade for a jazz, soooooo wot u wanna offer? try me i might like it. thanks
  5. Hi I'm looking to join a band again. Been playin for 10 years but not been in a band for the last 3 years so might be a little rusty at first. Thanks. Oh and I'm in the midlands,coventry,nuneaton,Birminghamcheers kris
  6. Hi. I had one of these a good few years ago. My fave bass ever and it was stolen. Sell it to me? I'll love u forever!! Ha thanks kris
  7. [attachment=87548:1793[attachment=87548:179352_1...214762_n.jpg]52_1...214762_n.jpg]
  8. I have a ibanez btb470 in iron pewter. Near perfect condition. (Except some very light surface scratches). I want I 4 string fender jazz. If anyone's interested msg me and ill sort some pics out. Thanks kris[attachment=87547:180460_1...401808_n.jpg]
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