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  1. +1 on the crap reviews. When BGM kicked off I really though they improved the reviews compared to Bassist. But they've steadily gone downhill. The latest review of the Reflex tells me nowt. Oh and while I'm putting pen to paper - what's with the editors bit? Its just another contents page. I know the USA mag Bass Pamphlet used to get a bit up their own in the editorial but at least they tried to say something.

  2. I've had a UL310 Series 2 for a few years now and I love it. Normally I change gear with ridiculous regularity - but I've never thought of changing this, so that's high praise from me. Very light (one hand carry) and punches way above its weight. Nice warm tone. Doesn't break up under severe 5 string slap fest abuse, punchy mids and a sweet top. Also louder and less power hungry than the EA cabs I had previously and a nicer tone than a Schroeder 1210.

  3. As ever with stuff like this its in the ear of the beholder and there are so many other variables messing with the equation. I felt the original was a bit un refined, and I wasn't too keen on how it was voiced (rumble and clank). But like I say, horses for courses.

  4. PJB defintely not suited to loud and dirty blues / rock. I used one for theatre work and it was great for that - very clean and surprisingly loud without an extension cab - but doesn't do "dirty".

    I'd suggest an Orange Terror Bass with a cab of your choice (bear in mind the compact Orange cabs don't have tweeters if you like a bit of top end in your sound).

  5. I always preferred Bass Player over Bassist - the latter I felt was a bit light weight. Also IMO the gear reviews generally weren't as good. I still bought every issue though!

    Bass Player has been a bit of a pamphlet of late though, and the editors waffle can be tedious (both the current bloke and the previous chap). But, tbh I'm grateful that BP and BGM are there. I can remember when there wasn't a dedicated bass mag and you had to wade through a whole guitar mag and dozens of adverts for Strats, Marshalls and Les Pauls for a token bass related page.

  6. I bought one. I only play 5 strings and wanted a "proper" Stingray. Took ages to come through. Ordered it back in January - didn't arrive until June. Tobacco with birdseye maple fingerboard. Neck is nicely figured but not AAAAA or anyhthing and certainly not like some of the first photos of them. That said I wasn't really expecting it to. Fingerboard radius is nice - similar to the Marcus Miller, and as ever the build quality is excellent.

    I'm very pleased with it, but I have to say I'm struggling to see where the extra cost is justified. Oh - and if anyone gets one and uses Elixirs - the standard scale B doesn't work due to the through body stringing (and no through bridge option) :)

  7. Hi all

    Just a heads up. I've recently recorded a blues / rock album with a very talented guitarist / vocalist called Russ Tippins. I'd be interested in your views. There are some clips at russtippins.com, and a few tracks were played recently on a local radio station: [url="http://www.4shared.com/audio/RyqSRr_v/Russ_Tippins_on_The_Blues_Show.html"]http://www.4shared.com/audio/RyqSRr_v/Russ...Blues_Show.html[/url]

    I think it is available for download on itunes and Russ is sorting out national distribution via HMV and Amazon - NB I should stress I'm not on any royalties. I've already received and spent (drank) the paltry session fee!

    The album was recorded over a couple of nights at a local north east studio (Cluny Studios) and I can't praise them enough. I don't work there, but I know someone who does, so a big thanks to fellow forum member Leprechaun who did a great job.

    For the record I used my (former) Sandberg PM5 through a Line 6 HD750 using the Ampeg model with varying amounts of drive and mildly tweaked eq for different tracks. It was Di'd and miked via an Epi UL310. I think Sean did a bit of eq and compression thereafter but you would need to ask him the details!

    Like I said grateful for any feedback.



  8. On the repetition - if you foul up don't stop just continue and give the best version you can - you will still get marks. On the performance try and keep a solid groove and tempo [u]as well as[/u] a melodic line to fit in with the chords. Start off simple and try and increase the complexity as you go - but don't lose the groove!

    Best of luck - sounds like you are on the case.

  9. I've just used a Line 6 Lowdown 750 on a session and a few gigs and I'm very pleased with the results. The SVT model sounds pretty good to my ears. I haven't A/B'd it (and nor could I be ar$ed to), and its been a few years since I owned an SVT but from what I recall it seems to capture the vibe very well - particularly when using the drive control to get it a bit furry. Even if there is a discernable difference from an SVT, the Line 6 sounds good in its own right. So much so I think my Orange TB might be going the journey.

  10. +1 with Doddy. Following the pad is crucial (while keeping your other eye on the MD / Conductor for Q's and tempo).

    Obvious I know, but the skills bit would be more relevant if you were asked to play something from the show. That's what I'd pick to do. Santa Fe perhaps - that can be a bit of a bugger to play in the different positions without looking at the fingerboard (remember you'll be looking at the pad and the MD!). You could maybe play the main riff from La Vie Boheme in different positions as well as it goes all over the shop in the show.

    If you have (or can borrow a fretless) you could do Without You or You'll See from the show. They are both quite simple lines but really come alive on fretless with a bit of gliss / vibrato.

    If I recall there is a bit of slap in the first act - but not much.

    I really enjoyed doing Rent. I didn't like a lot of the songs to start with but by the end I thought they were great.

    NB - just noticed you are based in Durham - thats where I did the show, at the Gala Theatre.

    Best of luck!

  11. I've done a production of this. Its a great show to play - very enjoyable. In the main its just a load of Queen songs with a story line similar to the Rush 2112 concept - but if you are lugging it rather than reading I'd suggest giving the sound track a good listen as the arrangements are different to the originals. Enjoy!

  12. Sandberg PM5. Bookmatched bubinga top with matching headstock. Block inlays and black hardware. Delano pups and I believe a Glock pre amp. It also has a passive option.

    This is a great bass and is unmarked. Very versatile. Does a reasonable stingray impression (maybe a bit less scooped) and its not too shabby as a P bass either - although I've not used the P pup as much as I thought I would. Only downside is its not the lightest bass I've ever had. I will sort out pics asap but in the meantime there is a pic in a previous thread:


    There are also some sound clips at DWband.co.uk. Not the best as its DI (from a GK head post eq) taken from the desk. Also the mid and top are boosted quite a bit to cut through the wall of guitar, keys and brass in that band - still it will give you an idea.

    I have an incoming classic SR5 so I'm looking to trade this for something that gives me a different option sound wise - probably looking at a J bass derivative but not completely married to that. Just thought I would gauge interest and see what's out there.

    Tried some Laklands that I really liked so that would be a good starting point - 55-02, JO5 or a DJ5.

    Only looking at trades and only intersted in 5 strings.

    Either collection from the north east or I may be in the Leeds, Nottingham and Telford areas over the next couple of weeks. NB: I have a mate who might be interested in buying it so I might withdraw it if he makes his mind up :)



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