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    Hiya Sara go girl, don’t buy anything too cheap I like your style I have three Ricks 😁
  2. Bass heaven: playing with a tight three piece band bass hell: playing with drummers I can’t lock in with
  3. I've gone over to the dark side recently playing short scale basses. My current gig ones are the SWB-1 & Evolve. Both basses play well though I do prefer the SWB
  4. My first bass was a Avon jazz bass copy. It was actually pretty good I had a pro bass player friend who set it up. It worked great for my early gigs in the 70s. I sold it when I turned pro in in 75 and bought a New Rickenbacker 4001. I did a lot of playing with that bass and still have it, though I don't gig with it now.
  5. [quote name='crez5150' timestamp='1424771944' post='2700149'] Too many bands playing the same music in the same venues..... It's boring as hell in Essex. Oh look another Classic Rock/indie band..... I wonder if they'll be playing Zombie/SOF/Dakota/Highway to Hell...... I think there are too many bands not trying to be anything different any more. [/quote] Hello you. Spoken like a true funk funster lol. Actually I agree with you those four songs you mention are done to death. Don't do them now. It is horses for courses though, if I had a quid fir every time I've been asked to play them........ I'd still be poor!
  6. [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1424807010' post='2700710'] I do note the irony of the first two posts, saying too many bands, too few venues, while playing in 3 bands! [/quote] Perhaps I should have added I don't just play in Essex, the three bands do different things in different places lol.
  7. [quote name='Billy Apple' timestamp='1423272113' post='2683116'] Don't mention the war? Don't mention the Rickenbacker, more like [/quote] Do I take it there are still those who have a grudge against one of the most iconic Basses ever produced? Lol. You wanna start a war...... Oooooops sorry I mentioned that 'W' word. ;-/)
  8. Hiya Mohawk. Flipping eck I didn't know we had so many infiltraters on here lol! Be warned once here you can become addicted to all things Bass.......
  9. Never had a problem with my tone. I frequently get people saying how much they like actually hearing the notes I play. I take that as a great compliment. If I were to suggest advice ( heaven forbid) I'd say embrace the mids. ;-))
  10. I like both, in different ways. No right or wrong here lol.
  11. Digging back into the depths here. I started playing guitar around the age of 9, while at school (they didn't like any of that modern stuff), so taught myself. I've always 'felt' the Bass in music, so started fiddling around with my guitars to get the low end. I was fascinated by John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, & Chris Squire I remember. It's was an easy choice in the end though. There were so many wannabe guitar heroes, & no one wanted to play bass. I worked out I'd get more work playing Bass, the rest as they say is history. I turned pro in 1974, bought my first Rickenbacker 4001 in 75, new and still doing it now. ;-))
  12. Hi guys just passing through and noticed this old thread. Anyone got any up to date info? I'm a Rick player. I bought a new midnight blue one at the beginning of last year. I had the shop set it up for me. When I got there I was left alone in their sound room to noodle! Firstly the quality was good, early Ricks were no better, I played my 75 for years before I got a neck problem. Fixed now. The main thing I would say is how much louder the new one is. I've been using the new one since, with no adverse effects, other than my guitarists stack falling over and knocking it! Hardly any shops have them in the UK at this time. As I'm looking for another. I use rotosound strings, either 40s or 45s as it had those on when I bought it. I have far better basses, but I'm back with my first love now.
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