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  1. Really surprised to have had no offers for this at all! I'd really like to get this moved on, it's sitting getting dusty at my studio. Soft case, uninsured: £480 Soft case, insured: £500 Hard case, uninsured: £525 Hard case, insured: £560
  2. Soft case, uninsured: £529 Soft case, insured: £554 Hard case, uninsured: £575 Hard case, insured: £610
  3. Hard case now available - RockCase ABS 10513, moving house this week, so I'd like to move this on this week.
  4. I'd been looking around for a long time, and it fit into the project perfectly - but it just wasn't to be! I was honestly most impressed with the B string, I usually only ever play active, but I never had the urge to put a circuit into this. Genuinely a very warm and classic sounding bass!
  5. Hi all, SALE PRICE: 600, 500 480 - SHIPPED. DETAILS BELOW. TRADE ITEMS: No longer interested in trade items. I'm listing my Warwick RockBass Star Bass 5 String for sale or for trade for particular items! I'm not quite sure the value of the RockBass model currently, but I'm aware of recent listings, as well as the basses value new from Andertons and Thomann etc. I bought the bass last year from someone who had looked after the bass very well, and hadn't had chance to gig the bass. I'd bought it for a country project, but it didn't work out, and in the end never got gigged - as such, it's been sat in my studio for the past 12 months untouched, mainly in it's hard case. It had fresh strings and a set up at the time, and of course has been kept well at the studio. The only damage to report was made by the previous owner, and is on the lower heel right at the top. It is a very very small paint chip, but of course is worth mentioning. In the current situation, contact-less pickup is of course accepted, or I can courier this, either hard case or soft case. The bass works and sounds perfect, electronics are in order and plays great. Thanks!
  6. Hey! So for those interested, I was the lucky one to win this! Unluckily, I decided to have it refinished in the original colour - and it had been split in half! So yes, the neck has had a repaired crack, alongside the whole body!
  7. BUMP! In Nottingham for some gigs over the next few days, if I can get it collected by Sunday morning, I'll be able to come down on price a bit more!
  8. Price Drop! Will take offers at around £360 if I can move it by the end of the week!
  9. [quote name='therealting' timestamp='1480275523' post='3183036'] I really shouldn't... but how much does it weigh? [/quote] 4.3kg/9.5lbs - you really should!
  10. [quote name='lownote12' timestamp='1479540722' post='3177295'] Does you post it? PMd [/quote] Just replied!
  11. [quote name='DCMan' timestamp='1479384270' post='3176089'] Just got to hope the bass I offered you either sells, or you decide you want that more than the cash [/quote] I do keep going back looking at yours to be fair!
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