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  1. I adore Skunk Anansie, though I have never had the good fortune of seeing them live. I was particularly gutted to miss them supporting Motörhead in Norwich way back. If they’re “not quite” your thing, then I would highly recommend trying their “An Acoustic Skunk Anansie - Live In London”. A fresh take on some brilliant songs. You can find the gig on YouTube.
  2. I have Dunlop’s on one guitar and I really like them. I have knock offs on a couple of guitars (they were less than £8 for two pairs) and I have had hardly any problems with them. The only problem I have actually had with them, though, is how far they stick out and them being a bit pointy. I play sitting down but not with the guitar on my lap, it hangs down between my legs, sort of in a classical style. The Warlock has a strap button on the back of the upper horn and, due to the position I play in, the strap lock really digs into my ribs/belly and hurts. So, I want to ask for some advice, but if it is a bit too cheeky to use someone else’s thread I’ll start a new thread (I don’t like starting a new thread if there is already one on the same subject. I don’t know why, but it feels like a waste of paper… And I often think my questions are just too dumb for their own thread.). I really like the look of the Dunlop flush fitting strap locks, I feel that they would fix my problem. The trouble is that you have to drill a 1.25” deep hole for the screw. The bass is only 1.7” thick. I know that technically it fits, but it feels a little tight. I don’t want to move the position of the strap button. Does anyone have any opinions on whether this is a bad idea or not? Or has anyone had any experience with the flush fitting one?
  3. Except for the large dome, those knobs don’t look dissimilar to what was on the bass in the first place. Even when I concentrate, and knowing exactly where it is (because of the numbered knobs), I still struggle to feel the notch. If there’s no way to enhance it (and I am happy to open the pot if that’s what is required), then I will have to replace the offending pots. I’d ideally like to change the whole wiring loom including the preamp (for one with a Mid setting and a bypass option), but it is a very small cavity and has no separate battery compartment.
  4. This is similar to what I was going to ask about. I want to try putting them in my ultrasonic cleaner with isopropyl alcohol. I don’t know why it would, but I wanted to check that it wouldn’t damage the strings. I actually want to do it with guitar strings (double ball ended on a guitar I don’t use that often), most of my basses have coated strings.
  5. Is it possible to make the centre detent, in pots that have one, more obvious? And, if so, how? I don’t want to have to concentrate so hard in the middle of a song just to feel when I am in the middle of a pot’s sweep (it’s only a couple of the pots on my Warlock, they’re fine on my other basses). I have put speed knobs, with numbers, on it, but I still have to concentrate to see the numbers, and I don’t think they suit the bass aesthetically.
  6. When I was 12 years old, my dad decided to get rich by making my brothers and me play instruments and be a band that he would manage… He decided that I would be the drummer. I was a huge Iron Maiden and Motörhead fan and didn’t want my dad to have it all his way (especially as what I really, desperately wanted for that Christmas was a radio controlled monster truck, not an instrument!), so I said I’d play bass. He hadn’t even thought about bass and he agreed. Ironically I believe I would have been a more natural drummer than I am a bass player. I loved playing the kit my brother got. I had planned to get a small electronic kit since we were moving into this house where I would have room for one. Unfortunately I have dodgy rotator cuffs, which I wasn’t going to let stop me. But then I suffered quite extensive nerve damage that make my left leg all but useless. Just sitting upright for more than 3 hours causes a lot of pain. More than 4 hours can make it so I can’t walk for a couple of days. So, as much as I really would love to do it, I don’t think it’ll happen. Mind you, if I saw a kit going cheap enough, I might well still be tempted.
  7. Often when this happens to me, the song will get stuck in there for several days, and often, it’s just a couple of lines, going around and around and around. It can drive me nuts. Talking of the Toothbrush song. When I was a kid my brother and I were playing in the snow in our back garden, when we suddenly found a 7” vinyl record, just sticking out of the snow. There was no sleeve, just the record, but it was undamaged. I imagine that one of the kids from one of the other back gardens had used it as a frisby. Even though it was only 7”, it had the Toothbrush song, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Gilly, Gilly, Ossenfeffer, Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea (which I loved) and one other that I can’t remember right now.
  8. I have had The Chosen by Voltaire stuck in me noggin’ for more than a week now. Not the most cheerful of songs.
  9. Yup, I hated mine. The only problem I had with it (except the way it sounded) was having to replace its bridge rectifier.
  10. Just because it hasn’t already been mentioned, I take Magnesium Citrate (specifically the Citrate) for hand cramps.
  11. One of the first records I ever bought* was Chalk Dust (The umpire strikes Back) by The Brat. *There was a hi-fi and TV shop in town that had a small selection of singles for sale. They were 25p each or 5 for £1 (this was the early 80s. I would have been about 11). I bought Chalk Dust as mentioned above, David Bowie - Absolute Beginners, Maria Vidal - Body Rock, Red Box - Enjoy (Solid Gold Easy Amex) and Dio - Rock & Roll Children (this one changed my life. I only bought it because I had picked 4 and wanted a free one. I didn’t know the song but I liked that it had a dragon on the sleeve!).
  12. I Googled these because I am warmly wrapped up in bed right now and I know I’ll forget to take a photo later, again. I do have the Warlock here, at this house, I am just forgetful. The one in the coffin case is the 5 string version (mine came in the same case. I tell people it came for free and that’s why I have it. And while all that is true, I actually really like it…). That was the bass I was thinking of going for, then my wife saw the colour of the Cort I mentioned earlier in this thread and I decided I didn’t need 3 5 strings.
  13. When I was a kid I worked in a guitar shop. This would have been ‘89 to ‘91. While working there someone asked me what my dream bass would be; I basically described the BC Rich Warlock NT, which they didn’t actually start making until about ‘99 and only made for ten years. Then, about ten years ago, I saw one on EBay. All there was were two very blurry photos and a very brief description. So, technically, it might not be said that I bought this one specifically for its looks because I could barely make it out. It was somewhat of a gamble, especially as I had never even played a BC Rich bass before. But, while it wasn’t expensive at £265, including p&p and a Warwick, coffin hard case, it was still a lot of money for me. It’s actually the most I have ever paid for a bass. When I got it, it was in great condition. I was expecting missing pointy bits, but they were all intact and there were no other dings or scratches. However, the action was so high that it was unplayable! And it must have come out of the factory that way, there was absolutely no adjustment left to lower it. I couldn’t even find a bridge to buy that was thin enough to make a difference. Most odd. In the end I ground off the bottoms of the saddles until they were half as tall. It made all the difference! It plays beautifully, now, and sounds ace. I shall never, ever sell it. They’ll have to bury me with it. It’s name is Ravensfriend.
  14. I really struggled finding a good photo of one on Google. I couldn’t take one of mine because I haven’t moved it into this new house yet. I only have my Warlock with me because it has got a hard case.
  15. I once went to a shop to buy picks and ended up buying a Cort T35 in “Geometric Copper”, because my wife liked the colour…
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