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  1. The best time to plant a tree is thirty years ago. The second best time is now.
  2. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1508499081' post='3392595'] Gordon Bennett! At least it might make a good backup if your boiler's struggling this winter! [/quote] It's just one of those gun shaped ones with a trigger. Back in the early nineties, I briefly worked at a place repairing mobile phones. Mobile phones back then weren't quite as small and delicate as they are now, but they were still pretty delicate. The soldering iron we used looked just like any other soldering iron, but it was 120W and, apparently, cost the owner several hundred quid.
  3. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1508424044' post='3392109'] That's because the additional metal from your new solder absorbs heat and then that extra heat is transferred to the joint almost instantly through conduction through the larger contact area that is made by the softened metal. [/quote] I know how and why it works, but if you don't know about it, it seems counterintuitive. I have had the same Antex 18W soldering iron for thirty years and I have only ever used either a 3mm bit or a 1mm bit, depending on the job. I have never come across a joint it couldn't work with. I have actually got a 100W soldering iron, somewhere, but I have never even plugged it in.
  4. I've been using an 18W soldering iron for thirty years and never had a problem. As has been said, melting some fresh solder onto the iron bit can help, but what I always find helps with stubborn, old joints, is melting fresh solder right onto the old solder. I know it might seem odd, adding solder to an area where you want to remove it, but it has always worked everytime for me.
  5. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1507577642' post='3386519'] Rhythm deaf? Like Adam Clayton? *Now, now, before you go shooting off, I'm being sarcastic. It was in fact Mr Bono who said, 'Adam can't even clap in time,' and I just have a tendency to agree with him. [/quote] Perhaps he's just reluctant because Bono has told him that everytime he does it, a kid in Africa dies?
  6. I have been KingBollock since about 1997. I first used it on a chat program called Palace, and also IRC, and everyone used nicknames. And, to be frank, I hate my real name (which isn't Frank). I once stumbled across a website that had done some sort of competition to find the best nick names on the internet. I had come third. Which was quite cool, though it would have been cooler if they'd told me at the time. I should probably give in to the universe and go by the name David. Everytime I appeared in the local newspaper when I was a kid (for doing good things, like helping to build a soundproof rehearsal studio at the youth club), they always called me David. Once, they printed a photo which had me sitting next to my brother, whose name was David. The blurb under the picture pointed out that we were brothers and also gave our surnames, and still labelled us both as David. And I once got a private message from a BassChatter who didn't know my name but had a guess at... David.
  7. [quote name='KiOgon' timestamp='1504768564' post='3367106'] He's a git, wind him up - get back to him and offer £125 - if he bites make the arrangements but don't turn up play him at his own game [/quote] Instead of just not turning up, actually send a message that says "Sorry, I found one for £55 so I am going to have to go with that. Unless you can match it?".
  8. [quote name='police squad' timestamp='1502780260' post='3353389'] I was hit by a pineapple at the Reading festival 1983. Right in the face, during Big Country [/quote] That must have been a welcome distraction.
  9. It sounds like it could be the theme tune from an eighties BBC tv show about the end of civilisation.
  10. I was in school with an Alister McAllister, which tickled me. And my careers officer's name was Hugh Pugh.
  11. [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1500477853' post='3338118'] There was always going to be an issue with the timing, they klnew about it ages ago. He's a very slow writer so it was inevitable that the TV series (short of taking an enforced break from filming, never going to happen) was going to catch up with the novels before the book series was finished. It actually puts the writer in a bit of a hole as he could decide to do something totally different at the end compared to how the TV series will end which would be slightly unusual. Hopefully he will give the TV writers a few pointers and the general storylines will be the same but the finer details between books and TV may differ which is quite normal. Never read any of the books but I'm told they arent actually that great a read and borrow a lot off some obscure French novels from a long time ago. [/quote] My wife and I really enjoyed the books, but then we're big fantasy fans anyway. My wife was livid when the latest book came out and it was a bloomin' prequel! Still, he's not as slow as Jeff Long.
  12. I think that this sort of thing is part of its charm. A little lighthearted fun to make the violence all the more horrific. It helps to balance out all the political intrigue and the blood and gore. If it didn't have this lighter side, all that seriousness could get a bit much or, even worse, people might get desensitised to the more shocking elements. I like Ed Sheehan (though I have not bothered to give his music a proper go, he seems like a nice bloke), and he looked the part (he has a slightly inbred look to his face...). He also has a huge fan base. So he probably brings along any of his fans that weren't previously fans of the show. I think there is only one more series after this one, but there are plans for spin-offs, and the more fans the show has, the more time and money will go into those. The more fans the show has, the less likely the producers are to feel the need to compromise on production and the shows plots and heavier elements. I think. Edit: Yeah, what Chris_b said.
  13. [quote name='Skybone' timestamp='1498629815' post='3325927'] I forgot about using the Dremel, good job I've got one too. Great tip, thanks! I don't have a router, just saws, files & a drill (and the forgotten about Dremel). The plan was to use the old scratchplate as the template & cut from the back of the sheet. use the drill to do the corners of the pickup cut out & use a hacksaw to cut the rough hole out, then finish with files. Using the cutting disc on the Dremel will make doing that, and the TRC that bit easier. [/quote] You can get a plunge router attachment for Dremel tools. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dremel-26150335JA-Plunge-Router-Attachment/dp/B0009EQ5QA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1500395331&sr=8-3&keywords=Dremel+router A cheaper version is just a cutting kit. You can still use router bits with it, it just doesn't plunge, so you can still cut around a template, but it's no good for cutting cavities, unless the cavity just happens to be the depth of the bit you're using. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dremel-2615056532-Multipurpose-Cutting-Kit/dp/B0002SMN8M/ref=pd_sbs_328_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TRT4MZ4JPHQ7B0RGX1DJ
  14. I did indeed have fun. Good stuff! Also: You are Conor McGregor and I claim my £5!
  15. There used to be a place that scared the crap out of me the first time I played there. It was in a notoriously tough area of a city, in the middle of the red light district. We had to take the gear through the bar to a room at the back. It was dark and smoky and looked like something from a gritty pirate movie. Lots of shaved heads and tattoos on big burly men and women and maybe a whole set of teeth between the lot of them when it was packed. There never was actually any trouble, the gigs always went well. The place I really hated was a conservative club (I think, definitely a politically named place, it was a long time ago). I hated it because the room was horrible, with a tiny stage in an odd little corner that you couldn't see from the bar, facing a dance floor that was always empty. But the worst thing was the rickety, seemingly perpetually wet, external metal staircase we had to lug the gear up. If there is a type of gig I'd never want to do again, it's weddings. Though I never did any weddings in a band, only with a disco. It was a rare wedding where there wasn't violence of some sort. Some of them were like battle grounds, with one family huddled in one corner and the other family in the opposite corner. Many a white shirt stained red by the end. Hated them.
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