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  1. If anyone wants one I also have an unused on for sale at the same price.
  2. I did once it was after a curry so i nearly followed through
  3. [quote name='jwbassman' post='651130' date='Nov 10 2009, 10:44 PM']I'll take these - less the one that joegarcia wants - £35 delivered?[/quote] OK SOLD! That was quick.... too cheap?
  4. [quote name='joegarcia' post='651121' date='Nov 10 2009, 10:39 PM']Ill take the 83 without the logo. Pm coming when I get home.[/quote] OK mate i will put it by for you....what a numpty i did this to about 4 vintage mullards
  5. 2x Marshall ECC 83's used, considered second only to Mullards by some £8 each 2X CV 4024 MULLARD,s these are military spec MULLARD ECC 82,s and sound fantastic some of the best valves ever made £15 each New old stock 69/70 vintage 1X BRIMAR CV 491/ ECC 82 NOS 71 vintage £10 1 X unidentified CV491/ECC 82 early 70's most likley english valve could be a long plate mullard? £5 1 X Mullard ECC 83 white label or it used to be before i managed to wipe the loge off with contact cleaner Brought NOS for £28 £6 due to lack of logo Or if you want the lot to play with £40 delivered
  6. [quote name='Sibob' post='649195' date='Nov 8 2009, 09:58 PM']I know you have said just a violin bass, but any interest in my parts P/J (see my sig) plus some cash? Worth a punt Si[/quote] Sorry not really what i am looking for at the moment.
  7. [quote name='andyonbass' post='647552' date='Nov 6 2009, 07:19 PM']What length is this cable?[/quote] About 1Mtr
  8. sorry i did a duplicate post and deleted the pics from it along with this thread.....DOH!
  9. Prices reduced due to being slightly unrealistic
  10. OBBM Aux input cable 1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono 6ft - £8 posted XLR to 1/4" mono 1 Mtr £6 posted XLR male-female Neutrik fittings £6 posted OBBM 1/4" to 1/4" angled short input cable 1mtr £8 posted Or if you want the lot £22 posted
  11. Hi just measured the ibby, 39" from ballend the peg on the G and 42" for the D plus about 4 winds on the peg plus 1/2" down the peg hole...
  12. [quote name='Beedster' post='645378' date='Nov 4 2009, 03:54 PM']Actually Steve, if neither of the gentlemen above are ahead of me or opt out, I'll take them.[/quote] Two a side headstocks are the way forward i tell ya....the next big ... Yours if you want them chris, They may fit a fender as they were on my ibby which has a two piece bridge, Don't quote me on that however let me know if you want them, pay pal is OK
  13. Slightly used Pyramid Gold Flatwounds, huge ,cut for a two a side head stock SOLD
  14. Up for sale is my Ibanez ASB 140, fitted with a Hammon engineering Darkstar pickup. Great condition fitted with flats for huge authentic vintage tones. Very rare is this country, they were never imported and it took me a long time to find one in the USA eventually. I am looking for £300 for this, Can't post as it has no case. The only trades i might be interested in would be a hofner violin copy ( short scale) Located in Banbury, Oxfordshire
  15. [quote name='steve-soar' post='606290' date='Sep 23 2009, 12:00 AM']Happy Mondays are, were, one of the best bands ever.[/quote] + 1 Happy daze
  16. [quote name='OldGit' post='535401' date='Jul 8 2009, 09:01 AM']Excellent ews Steve.[/quote] Whatever floats your boat, but i think the antipodeans still spell it ewes sorry that was a barrrrrrd joke...ill get me coat
  17. I used to use a gig bag but pop it in a ruck sack, that way you avoid the problems you mention. If you can get one with a frame even better.
  18. One of the dumbest things I've ever done was trading it for a bongo of all things I would love it back
  19. [quote name='henry norton' post='535041' date='Jul 7 2009, 07:24 PM']Probably because Phil Lesh and Jack Casady both used Pyramid Golds during their late 60s / early 70s Guild Starfire / Hagstrommed Gibson phases.[/quote] Think I've been rumbled rumbled gedit? :brow:
  20. After Reading this I have ordered a set for my Dark Star Ibanez ASB 140 should be interesting, possibly not versitle enough as I only have one bass at the moment ( strung with EB flats) got to try these things though.
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