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  1. Built a short while ago to Phil Starr’s design nice little cab with flat response down to 60Hz, great little cab. Pics and details here if you want my little Hotone amp As well I’ll do them both for £65
  2. Great little headphone amp with cab/amp simulation, effects, Bluetooth input for jamming along. Sounds great once you adjust the gain settings( most are too high as supplied) you connect it to your phone to access all the many settings,effects etc
  3. Dinky little practice amp, it’s tiny! 5w output with headphone output, aux in, FX loop and standard speaker jack ill include a nice designacable speaker cable, almost worth the asking itself! more info here https://www.hotoneaudio.com/products/nano-legacy/thunder-bass would pair nicely with my diy ‘house jam micro cab’ which I’ll list separately 👍
  4. No a previous owner fitted covers, they are standard pickups
  5. Your not wrong, this bass is 950 nicker in any shop your lucky enough to find one in, it’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s sale of the f****ng century, In fact, f*** it Frank , I think I'll keep it! 🤔
  6. Ooo I had an identical one back in the day,nice bass but I just couldn’t get over the p bass body and pointy headstock.
  7. Very nice short scale semi acoustic, currently fitted with chromes. collection only as I don’t have a case for this, however I work all over the place especially London, always up for the traditional service station meet. Not really looking for trades but I might be tempted by a medium scale jazz or an acoustic.
  8. While not beating the originals I love ‘Brass Against’, so much so I had tickets booked until they changed the date this version of RATM,s ‘wake up’ is great as is their version of ‘killing in the name’ they also cover Audioslave and Tool songs
  9. A little fela https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6xrVWF12FE shortly to be replaced by jools, it’s traditional..
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