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  1. Bought one, Now got it, Played one, Now love it, My advice.. Just - Buy it! 😎👍🏼
  2. Mike Lull JAXT SOLD.

    This is the most beautiful bass I have ever seen! 💗♥️💗 I am bumping this, as it's getting too deeply buried to keep finding, as I love looking at this thread!😍 GLWTS🙏🏼....(ish!)😉
  3. Gibson try again for the nth time

    Gib-person Non-binary model 🤐😶
  4. Sweet

    My favourite band at the time. I've got everything they have done. Been educating my sons only this week on them. One of my all time favourite songs -'Love is like oxygen' one of the most emotive songs of my childhood is - 'Little Willie'. I was too young to know what it meant, but took refuge in it in sad times. They can be coarse at times, but a quick press of the 'next' button and you remember they know how to rock! Great band and yet so sad to see how it all panned out for them.
  5. [quote name='Muppet' timestamp='1503056461' post='3355351'] Don't think it's the 60th Anniversary Model - doesn't have the headstock inlay? [/quote] Ahhhh, thank you!
  6. Sorry can't get top two pictures to open, does this come with the 60th silver case? Thanks
  7. John Giblin 🙏🏼
  8. Pineapples banned by Reading and Leeds Festivals

    saw a singer who I think left his Adam's apple at home!😆
  9. Feedback for basskit_case

    Bought an Ashdown rig from Mike. Great guy to deal with and flexible about arrangements. Would happily deal with again, as he was prepared to meet up and very genuine throughout. 🙏🏼 Thanks.
  10. Feedback for Tullfan

    Feedback for Tullfan😌
  11. [quote name='gareth' timestamp='1498222984' post='3323248'] r u mr rubbish? [/quote] I am rubbish, ..but Mr Rubbish just informed me.🙁
  12. No longer for sale folks! 😔
  13. ...at being a bass player!
  14. First saw Tull in '78 with John on bass on the HH tour. Such a shame he passed away so soon. I love all Tull bass players and need to mention Dave Pegg as another great addition to the role for a while.
  15. Got one as my travel, fallback, limited space bass and it does sound great, but the only way I could be persuaded to part with the bass, is going bankrupt 😉 Hope you manage to find a new 'fan' for it soon!