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  1. I have a LB30 playing through Ashdown 212. have you thought of using a Gibson EB3 through it, or similar bass? I think my sound is really bassy, perhaps, therefore, can you swap bass and see if that helps you achieve what you are looking for? cheers, great little amp anyway!
  2. Aren’t I a lucky guy!! thanks for letting go of No1. Solid walnut! 😍 will give a proper review soon once I’ve given it some decent time in my hands! 🙏🏼 Will watch these next ones with interest and see who else comments.👍🏼 The chat is a great place to learn and no better place to be, for all this shared knowledge.
  3. Oh yes! What a great track this is too! 👍🏼 Thanks Chris!
  4. Sibob “Well, the whole of Jocee’s first album is my ‘71 P with La Bella 760FL’s:” I think what I like from the Hubert track is how clean and forward the bass has been brought in the mix, it leaves the sound distinct. Alittle more like “Mistress” in the first album you linked! 👍🏼 Happy for anyone else to link their track with a similar sound to the Hubert Sumlin sound posted above, if you can break down what you are using and how your sound has been achieved. Cheers! 👍🏼🍻
  5. Thanks for the examples, I appreciate your breakdown and specific examples for us to share. 🙏🏼
  6. Jimmy Page, the Stones, along with Clapton, were big fans. try ‘woodchopping blues’ for a ‘you shook me babe’ inspiration, IMHO. 👍🏼
  7. Just the sort of extra help I was hoping for. Thanks drT ✔️
  8. Guess who’s looking forward to picking it up even more now! 😄 soon ......, 🥰👍🏼
  9. Thanks Mykesbass for the link! I’ll chase up more of his work now! cheers!
  10. I love this bass players tone. I wonder if anyone can help identify what and how the bass player has achieved it. Equipment and settings if you can work it out would be great! ☺️🙏🏼 Thanks guys! 👍🏼
  11. I practice in my church once a week and play there once a month. Our church building is octagonal with a pitch in the roof towering above the congregation. I use a Trace Elliot 150w combo and my Warwick Thumb 4 usually. the congregation are mainly elderly and having a band as opposed to a piano, is a big step for them. I supposedly rumble a few pacemakers! 😄 I try not to upset too many of the oldies but add something that makes the young at heart praise Him more! 🙏🏼 Life is a balance and on balance I enjoy playing there. 💒
  12. Hi, links don’t work!😕
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