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  1. So it was my big boy 50th birthday this year and thought I would put together a decent bass as I couldn’t afford a 1980 walnut precision special (£3000) and didn’t feel confident enough skill wise that a self build course would give me the quality instrument I wanted. So I decided to put together a tribute, rather than a copy of said bass. 
    I asked Walshy to build me a custom body (which in the end never happened), so in the end I bought one he had made previously from Chris/beedster. 
    The neck is a roasted maple jazz neck with chrome hipshot tuners. The pickup is a fender custom shop 62 precision pick up going through a Kiogon cloth wired cts, top of the range loom. Currently has a fender bbot bridge but I have got a hipshot A style bridge to go on it a later date (possibly, but I quite like the look of this one). These parts were all bought from people off of BC. 
    Needs a pro set up but even now sounds great to me. Think she might be a keeper. 
    Thanks Basschat!C5716F4E-7314-4BC2-9531-29F05590C13B.thumb.jpeg.bd6d14b117a6635b6301e6703f8ea25b.jpeg



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  2. Hi,

    Up for sale are these amazing EMG active P pickups. I bought them off BC but never installed them as the custom body I commissioned (with a battery compartment) never got finished so I bought another body instead. However, I didn’t want to ruin/devalue the beautiful walnut body so have decided to go the passive route and have bought some Fender CS 62’s instead. IMHO these EMGs are the best bass pickups. In fantastic condition with all the wiring loom, socket, boxes and installation diagrams. It’s the simple EMG solderless click on technology. 
    £50 + £5 9A550FB7-4484-4140-879F-9AE76464DF88.thumb.jpeg.60cb672cf5aa8abffbcaa02f1c209301.jpegpostage



  3. I’m the house bass player at our local jam night. Yesterday someone came and asked to use my bass as he’d come straight from work. I was a little hesitant but said ok. He was a decent player and a nice guy. However I did pre-warn him and said no flea type antics with it though!

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  4. There’s lots of jam nights mid week where the same pub will have gigs there on a Friday and Saturday. Get the whole band to turn up, play your best three songs and then talk with the manager afterwards. Make sure someone videos your performances in case the manager didn’t catch it. You’ll also build up a big video portfolio pretty quickly. You can also put these up online/website/FB/whatever social media platforms you use.  Also try and get recommendations from the other bands on the local circuit. Goes along way. 

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